How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

April 19, 2018

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Why Have a Social Media Marketing Plan?

Customers tell stories on social media.

Customers tell stories about their experiences with businesses – whether it’s about a restaurant or a bank, customers are going to write how they feel interacting with your brand.

Building a social media marketing plan is essential to the success of your business because customers go to social media platforms to interact with other consumers – and your brand.

4 Components of Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Component 1: Manage Online Reviews

Online reviews are a form of social media. In fact, although Google is the No. 1 place where consumers read and write reviews, Facebook is the second most popular site for the distribution of online reviews, according to the 2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey.

Zoey Molnar, editor-n-chief travel agency Stag Kiss Budapest, says the most important review site for her company is Google.

“When we ask our guests how they checked our reputation, they always mention Google,” she says.

Molnar says that one of the main tools her guests use to make final decisions on hotels, activities, pubs and even her company is by checking out online reviews.

“Trust is the most factor along with price,” she says.

Social media is about building relationships. Make sure you have all of your areas of your relationship building covered by creating an online review strategy as part of your social media marketing plan. Consumers will read reviews before visiting your business.

Component 2: Social Media Advertising

Before you get into social media advertising (or paid social), first ask yourself – what is the goal of your campaign? To help you get started on goals, here’s a list of the five most common social media advertising goals, according to Sprout Social.

Increase Traffic

If you’re trying to get more people to your website, use social media advertising to increase your total amount of unique visitors and pageviews. This is a great goal for promoting your brand.

Increase Visibility

An increase of brand awareness will lead to more purchases, more eyes on your brand, and loyal customers.

Increase Engagement

How do you measure engagement? Through social shares, comments, likes, and retweets. Measuring engagement will help you understand which of your content works best.

Increase Lead Generation

Social media advertising can work for lead capture. If you have gated content, you can promote it and target specific consumers.

Increase Sales

If you have a new product out, you can run tests on paid ads to see the level to which consumers are interested in your product. Or you can run a deal to get people to buy your product or service.

Second, according to Sprout, choose your social platforms. Choose the platforms with consumer demographics that match your brand. Also, look at how well channels have been performing organically.

You also have to make sure your ad matches the platform. So if you are advertising to other businesses (B2B), for example, you should look at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Component 3: Organic Social Media

What makes organic social media different than social media advertising? Organic social media is a conversation, while paid social is targeted at specific consumers. Organic social connects consumers, brands, friends, family, and strangers together over a common interest.

This makes engagement on social media with consumers so important. Social media is a tool for conversation, discussion, and sharing content. Consumers will trust your brand if you are responding to your customers.

Component 4: Using Social Media to Get Feedback 

Social media and online reviews provide insights into the customer experience if you listen carefully. Analyze what customers are saying about your brand. Then use the insights to improve service and product offerings.

In addition, you can also understand what the future looks like for your consumers – what their needs and wants will be based on feedback.

When creating your social media marketing plan, be sure to create a plan with the consumer in mind.

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