June 22, 2021

6 Review and Feedback Request Templates You Can Use for SMS

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To build a strong digital reputation and get ahead of the competition, your brand needs to be able to generate positive online reviews. SMS is a great platform for doing just that: all you need is a set of feedback request templates that you can use for your SMS campaigns.

Text messaging is a widely used and accessible form of communication. Consider these SMS marketing stats:

  • 292 million people in North America use text messages, which represents approximately 80% of the total population.
  • Text messages are opened at a 98% rate, whereas email typically has a 40 to 50% open rate. Additional research shows 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.

One way to leverage SMS messaging as a marketing platform is by asking for reviews from customers via review and feedback request templates. With a steady stream of reviews, your company can improve search engine performance, boost brand reputation, learn how to build customer loyalty, foster operational improvements, and deliver better customer experiences.

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Review and Feedback Request Templates for SMS

What’s the best way to reach out to customers and get them to review your company? Here are several review and feedback request templates you can use to help you achieve the best results and optimal response rates in your SMS campaigns. 

Feedback Request Message Template 1: Thank You for Being a Customer

This is a perfect starting message because it doesn’t require the customer to give up plenty of personal data, which reduces overall friction and leads to more online reviews.

“Hey {first name}, thank you for visiting us today! To help us best serve you and others, could you click on this {link} to answer one question about your experience today? Thanks {Insert Company Name}”

Feedback Request Template 2: Leave Us a Review

This review request template will help you increase your reviews on specific business review sites where you might have poor reviews or not enough reviews.

“Hi {first name}, thank you for doing business with us. Can you take 1 minute to leave a review about your experience with us? Just go here: {link to your review website business listing}. Thanks for your help!”

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Feedback Request Template 3: Review a Location Visit

As a simple tactic to support your customer experience management efforts, use this message to thank your customers for visiting your place of business while also asking for valuable feedback.

“Hello {first name}, Thanks for your recent visit to our store. We want to provide the best experience possible! To help us, please take a moment to leave your feedback. Click {here} to review. Thank you.”

Feedback Request Message Template 4: Review a Product

Reviews are vital for any business that sells its products in online marketplaces. Use this template to attract more product reviews, which can result in an eventual boost in sales:

“Dear {first name}, we are thrilled you chose to purchase the [specific product name] from us. We are working hard to build even higher-quality products for our customers. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinion. Please go {here} to share with us your feedback. Thank you.”

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Review Request Template 5: Rate Us on Google

Use this template if you want to learn how to get Google reviews and give your brand an SEO boost. Google is the world’s most popular search engine and also one of the top business review sites today. Because your customer is almost certainly already logged into their Google account, it will be convenient for them to leave a review:

“Hi {first name}, it was great seeing you today. Would you take one minute to leave a Google review about your experience? Here is the {link}. Thanks for your help!”

Feedback Request Template 6: Leave a Recommendation on Facebook

Companies with Facebook Business Manager can use this SMS template to increase their number of Facebook reviews and recommendations. 

“Hi {first name}, thank you for choosing our [product or service]. It’s our priority to continue providing top-notch service to customers like you. Please leave us a review on our Facebook page {link}. It will only take a minute, but it will make a huge difference to our company. Thank you!”

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Use Feedback Request Templates to Supercharge Your Brand

The simple but effective feedback request messages and templates above should give you inspiration as you go about requesting reviews via text. Not only can these help you achieve great word-of-mouth marketing; they can also help your brand gain improved search visibility, foster customer loyalty, and develop a stellar digital reputation worth talking about.

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