April 29, 2022

How to Properly Vet a Review Management Company

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Choosing a review management company is a valuable step in improving your reputation management efforts. However, it’s important to properly assess your options to ensure that the company you’re picking meets your needs. As you peruse your review management software options, take a look at some of their telltale elements to see if they can deliver as expected.

Look At A Review Management Company’s Reviews

The easiest place to start the vetting process is by looking at a company’s online reviews. Aside from the overall rating and the number of reviews, you should conduct a deeper dive into what past and present customers are saying.

If it’s favorable feedback, see if the reviewer provides details on why they love the product. See if they mention a specific feature or team member that helped in the online review management process. The same goes for negative reviews. What experiences did the brand encounter that caused them to stop using the platform and give it a low rating?

Weighing the pros and cons of notable reviews in this manner can provide additional insights into the review management company. In many ways, these pieces of social proof are a major part of your decision to go with the company in question or if you need to examine other options.

Read Case Studies That Bolster The Review Management Company’s Success

In addition to online reviews, every review management company needs its own social proof to tell prospective customers that its solution has had real-world success, and it comes in the form of case studies.

As you read the stories of each customer and how they use the review management platform, take note of what is being told in the story. Is the customer talking about specifics in terms of how the software helped solve their problems, or is the story vague and lacking the details that would convince someone to try the platform?

Numbers can go a long way in cementing a case study. Look for things such as a return on investment estimate, review response rate, or even the total number of reviews collected. These are the metrics that companies need to have on hand to get a better idea of whether a specific review management platform is the right choice.


A Review Management Company Should Have Great Blog Content

One of the many ways to stand out from competitors is to show off the amount of knowledge related to your products and services, and the best way to present that is through blog content. Take some time to read through their posts and see how the company approaches multiple aspects of review management.

What’s their stance on review gating on Google? Do they tell users how to respond to negative reviews and provide positive review response examples? Are they being a helpful resource by providing details on popular business review sites?

The answers to these questions, along with other content signals can tell you whether or not a review management company is offering a solution that promotes long-term growth and success or a quick patch that involves practices that can come with undesired consequences.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right review management company can set your brand up for success in the long run. The right platform not only helps you monitor and respond to reviews; it can also be a catalyst for a better customer experience and improvement on current acquisition and retention efforts.

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