May 3, 2021

How to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency Through Online Reputation Services

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Digital marketing agencies always strive for growth, but new trends and behaviors have changed the way agencies acquire and retain customers. The methods for growth continue to evolve, and agencies need to offer new and effective offerings, such as online reputation services, to meet consumer expectations and foster overall growth.

Findings from Wordstream show that 55% of agencies rely on client referrals as a way to get new customers. In other words, client experiences dictate agency growth. Offering reputation management services through ReviewTrackers as a viable tactic for your clients’ growth means that your agency increases its value as a vital cog in any business operation. Giving clients an easy and comprehensive look at their online reputation can bring valuable insights that fuel your company’s customer acquisition and customer retention strategies.

Using Online Reputation Services to Boost Customer Acquisition

Creating the right strategies to help your clients acquire new customers can be achieved in a variety of ways, especially when using a powerful reputation management platform like ReviewTrackers.

Encourage Sharing of the Best Reviews

Customer reviews data shows 92% of consumers use online reviews to guide their purchasing decisions. Instilling that idea of valuable social proof to converting consumers into customers is key to acquiring the right customers. By using ReviewTrackers’ Amplify feature, you can help clients showcase reviews from their best customers by offering testimonial pages and widgets to publish on their website. People tend to trust the words of consumers more than brand marketing copy, which makes reviews crucial to convincing people to make a purchase.

Engage on Social Media

Brand activity on social media can also dictate a consumer’s likelihood of making a purchase. Setting up a social media reputation management plan and using ReviewTrackers along with Hootsuite can make for effective community management that leads to better customer acquisition efforts.

Encourage clients to regularly post engaging content and respond to users on the right social media channels. Doing so helps your clients resonate and build trust with customers. Over time, those engagements will be a crucial factor in purchase decisions.

Monitor the Competition

Crayon data shows 41% of brands agree on the major role of competitive intelligence in organization success. By understanding  the competitive landscape with ReviewTrackers’ Competitor tools, agencies can help brands monitor rivals to find new opportunities and more effectively acquire similar consumers.

The Competitor suite uses comprehensive reputation data to compare clients to other brands, such as overall ratings and total number of reviews. New natural language processing (NLP) technology can dig into customer reviews of rival brands and find specific keywords that help or hinder an organization’s overall reputation.

Creating Effective Client Retention Strategies with Online Reputation Services

With multiple clients utilizing online reputation services, the goal then shifts to ensuring that they continue to stay satisfied with your service by using your reputation software offerings to boost their customer retention efforts.

Ask for Consumer Feedback

Asking for reviews can be intimidating for any brand, but showcasing the advantages of the Ask Tool can make the process easy because it includes templates, custom themes, and testing capabilities. These features allow companies to have a uniform system in place for review requests while also ensuring each request stays on-brand.

From a retention perspective, the act of asking for online reviews already shows the consumer that a brand cares about their experience and wants to improve it for new and returning customers. This simple engagement action brings the brand and consumer closer together and sets the foundation for the latter group to become a loyal customer.

Screenshot of SMS Ask Tool template

Analyze and Act on Review Data

ReviewTrackers also features natural language processing capabilities, which allow agencies to get valuable insights from each review. Specifically, the NLP engine highlights keywords that are crucial to the overall sentiment of the review.

By compiling keywords from each review and combining it into a trends report, these data points can reveal parts of company operations that are not up to customer expectations. Acting on these findings can help a brand improve and raise expectations for future customers, which can increase the likelihood of retention.

Increase Profits By Delivering More Value to Clients

A brand’s online reputation is not set in stone, and agencies are in a prime position to help clients change their digital reputation to better attract consumers and keep loyal customers. Staying on top of a reputation management strategy for large brands seems daunting at first, but platforms like ReviewTrackers make it easy to execute. Offering and having comprehensive knowledge of these reputation management tactics puts agencies at an advantage to clients. Customer acquisition and retention are valuable metrics to any company, and using reputation management tactics to meet those goals makes any agency indispensable to its clients.

Harness reputation management to acquire customers and grow your business.

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