May 22, 2019

How to Get Reviews on Facebook with 4 Methods

how to get reviews on facebook

Learning how to get reviews on Facebook is vital to the online reputation of any business because of the site’s popularity with consumers. Every week, two out of three people on Facebook visit the page of a local business or event.

Some of those people are your customers, and even though they enjoyed the experience or purchase at your business, they might not feel initially compelled to leave a review on your Facebook Page.

However, you can change that with four effective methods that will encourage customers to leave more reviews on your Facebook Page:

  • Promote the page on other social media channels
  • Raise awareness in person
  • Send a link through SMS or email
  • Highlight Facebook reviews on your website

How to Get Reviews on Facebook Method 1: Promote Your Page on Other Social Media Channels

Chances are that your business has an online presence across multiple listings, and more importantly multiple social media platforms. In some cases, these channels might be more popular than your Facebook so use them to your advantage.

Schedule some posts that raise people’s awareness of the Facebook Page. Drop a link to the page along with enticing copy and images that will make people want to check it out, engage with you, and most importantly leave a review on your page.

If your Facebook Page already has plenty of “Likes,” but lacks the number of reviews you can encourage followers to leave a review or Recommendation with a well-crafted post. The messaging doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Just make sure that you thank customers for liking the page and then politely ask them to leave a review in their free time.

How to Get Reviews on Facebook Method 2: Raise Awareness in Person

There is always some form of interaction between you and the customer at your physical location so use that opportunity to tell them about your Facebook Page.

One way to do so is by putting up a small poster or banner in high traffic areas within your location that tells people about the page. Another option is to provide a handout that tells them to check out the Facebook Page and leave a review, or you can verbally tell the customer about the page (you can use these free templates to get you started on handouts).

If you’re talking directly to the customer about the page, the best time to tell them about it is during checkout. They’re already making a purchase, which is a great time to remind them about providing feedback about the experience after they leave the store.

How to Get Reviews on Facebook Method 3: Send a Link via SMS or Email

You can encourage more Facebook reviews by asking your customers to leave to a review via email or SMS.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous these days and a majority of all local search is conducted on mobile and tablet devices, which makes it convenient for customers to interact with your brand through email and SMS.

how to get reviews on facebook

Similar to the case with social media posts, make these messages short and to the point so that you don’t waste your customers’ time. You can use lines from these handy templates as inspiration for your own messages.

Keep in mind that this method first requires you to acquire your customers’ phone number and/or email address. Many POS systems can be configured to ask for a customers mobile phone number or email. This makes it easy to automate a review request.

How to Get Reviews on Facebook Method 4: Highlight Facebook Reviews on Your Website

By embedding your Facebook reviews you make sure that they are top-of-mind items for your customers and prospects.

Specifically, you use can use a review widget to showcase current reviews from your Facebook Page. This will tell customers about your presence on the popular site, which should bring in more traffic and reviews.

Embedding reviews to the brand website, in general, can also increase conversions by 270 percent, and it only takes an increase of one to eight reviews to see the rise in conversions.

A Brand Worthy of Facebook Reviews

With these methods, any business can get an influx of customer reviews on their Facebook page. These reviews not only help a business’s online reputation, but they’re also a valuable source of information for any brand that is looking to improve its service and experience.

To keep the constant flow of positive Facebook reviews and Recommendations make sure that you respond to negative reviews and keep up the level of online and offline engagement with customers. This pays off in the long run with better reviews, more customers, and higher revenues.

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