Case Study: Domino’s Pizza and Kia Creatively Manage Online Reviews to Enhance Brand and Drive Business

April 23, 2013

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More businesses are recognizing the impact of online reviews – and they’re finding creative ways to manage and use these reviews in order to drive business.

A couple of the latest examples involve two international brands you’ll probably recognize: restaurant chain and pizza delivery company Domino’s Pizza and auto manufacturer Kia.

At a time when the purchase decisions of 90 percent of customers are influenced by online reviews, it’s worth every business owner’s while to check out the best practices and sterling examples set by industry heavyweights.

Domino’s Pizza leverages Yelp reviews platform

Domino’s has something called the Pizza Tracker, a game-changer in online pizza delivery. Launched in 2008, the Pizza Tracker, as you may have guessed, allows customers to follow the progress of their orders and track their pizzas at various stages – from the taking of the order, to the pizza being placed in the oven, to the pizza delivery guy saying he’s on his way, he should be there at your doorstep in ten minutes. (The Pizza Tracker is also included in the dedicated Domino’s mobile app.)

track online reviews 1

Anyway, here’s what Domino’s did. They added a Yelp button to the Tracker page. This will allow customers to use their computers or mobile devices to instantly leave their feedback, which will appear on popular online reviews aggregator Yelp.

Sounds risky, right? But in an age when a lot of businesses are terrified of what kind of impact their customers’ online reviews will have on sales, Domino’s Pizza is embracing these reviews – while also taking pains to illustrate their commitment to listening to what customers really want.

Why is this an awesome move? Well, if you’re a big brand – which Domino’s is – you can’t stop people from talking about you anyway. Reviews are inevitably going to be written. By adding the Yelp button, the company is showing that it’s willing to listen and engage with vocal customers.

Case Study: Domino’s Pizza and Kia Creatively Manage Online Reviews to Enhance Brand and Drive Business 1

Kia maximizes online reviews in offline setting 

We’ve written before about ways business owners can squeeze more juice out of positive customer reviews. Apparently, automobile manufacturer Kia was listening. The company took its automotive reviews and used these in an offline setting in order to provide essential information to potential buyers.

Specifically, Kia aggregated dealership reviews, created summaries based on the data, printed the scores, and placed these on stands that were then installed in their showrooms.

(Check out: “69 Percent of Car Shoppers Check Dealership Reviews Before Making a Decision”)

track dealership reviews

(Photo credit: eConsultancy)

Like Domino’s Pizza, Kia embraced the feedback that they were generating from existing customers and buyers. Not only are they then able to help guide potential buyers’ purchase decisions; the company has also found a creative way to build more credibility – while also demonstrating how much their management valued customer feedback.

“With customer research moving online, we wanted to adapt to that,” said John Bache, Head of Customer Communications for Kia, in a story published recently on eConsultancy. “We knew that customers were happy with our products, and we wanted to harness that. It was a leap of faith to some extent, but if people want to find reviews online they are there somewhere. We’d rather provide them and keep people on our site.”

What about you? How is your business managing online reviews – both positive and negative – in order to enhance your brand and drive more business? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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