June 28, 2021

Agency Solutions: What Agencies Need to Know About Social Media and Reputation Management

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Today, consumers depend on the Internet to determine which local companies to do business with. In fact, 46% of all Google searches are for local information. Your clients must make it a priority to build and maintain a strong online reputation in order to acquire and retain customers in a competitive market.

Of course, there are many factors that contribute to a brand’s online reputation. But one key factor is a brand’s social media reputation. In fact, agency solutions like social media and online reputation go hand in hand.

How Social Media Reputation Impacts Brand Reputation

It’s no secret that social media sites and apps are some of the most popular destinations on the internet. Today, 3.8 billion people are active on social media.

Consumers use social media to keep up with family and friends. But increasingly, they also turn to social media to share comments about brands and seek out feedback from other consumers in order to make more informed purchase decisions. In fact, customer reviews data shows that 40% of online consumers use social networks to look up new brands or products.

If a client has a strong reputation on social media, it’ll give consumers confidence to make their first (or repeat) purchase from the brand. On the other hand, if a brand has a weak social media reputation with an abundance of negative comments from unhappy customers, it’ll hinder their ability to acquire customers. A poor social media reputation can also lead to a business losing existing customers.

When it comes to agency solutions such as social media reputation management, agencies need to know how to do it right. These days, social media management must go beyond posting promotional updates on key channels. Instead, it’s essential to understand social media and reviews best practices that’ll help your clients improve their online reputations in order to acquire and retain more customers.

Brands that correctly manage their social and online reputations can also leverage social selling, which is an approach to selling that enables salespeople to laser-target their prospecting and establish rapport through their existing connections. When it’s done right, social selling can be an effective way to grow revenue. According to data from LinkedIn, 78% of businesses that leverage social selling outsell businesses that don’t use social media.a graphic of various agency solutions that involve social media

Leverage Social Media and Online Reviews to Create a Retention Strategy

Customer acquisition is a key focus of any business. But having a strong customer acquisition strategy in place is just as important. Social media and online reviews play an essential role in agency solutions.

Social media can be a great way for brands to market to their audiences. But it’s also an effective channel to develop rapport with customers, provide valuable information, and allow them to get to know a business. By leveraging social media, you can help your clients establish a strategy of customer retention through social media to strengthen relationships with current customers, uncover and resolve issues that crop up, and build trust with future prospects. All of this will empower your clients to retain more customers and drive repeat business.

Your clients can also leverage social proof and marketing reviews and feedback on social media. Featuring customer reviews on social media will capture the attention of prospective customers, and it’ll also show existing customers that the brand appreciates the time they took to share their feedback. Those who feel heard and valued are likely to be long-time customers!

Grow your ARR with Reputation and Social Media Management Solutions

Your clients depend on your agency’s expertise to build their online presence and grow revenue. Social media and online reputation management are huge components of developing and protecting a brand’s online presence. So now’s the time to provide agency solutions like online reputation and social media management to your clients.

By expanding your offerings, you’ll become a single source your clients can depend on for all of the agency solutions they need to grow their online presence and increase revenue. Offering these solutions will also allow you to increase your value, which will help you increase your agency’s customer acquisition and retention.

Today, a large (and growing) number of agencies already offer online reputation and social media management solutions. If you don’t, you’ll start losing existing and prospective customers to an agency that does. And that means you’ll be walking away from revenue growth opportunities.

The good news is, you can start offering social media and online reputation solutions to your clients — without having to build these solutions yourself. Instead, you can monitor social reviews with ReviewTrackers and Hootsuite, which provides seamless social and online reputation management solutions for your clients.

With ReviewTrackers and Hootsuite, your clients can improve their online reputation and drive revenue by managing reviews and social media mentions — all from one place. Check out ReviewTrackers + Hootsuite’s action plan on growing your business with social media and reputation management to find out more.

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Increase your Agency Solution’s Value by Partnering with ReviewTrackers

Agencies that partner with ReviewTrackers acquire more leads, help clients build their online reputations, and leverage risk management tools to build their own acquisition and retention strategies. Your agency is a trusted partner for businesses looking to improve their online presence and grow revenue. Start delivering more value for your clients and drive more revenue for your agency by offering proven online reputation and social media management solutions. Partner with ReviewTrackers today.

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