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TripAdvisor Acquires Members-Only Travel Community Jetsetter

Plenty of travelers rely on travel review site TripAdvisor for information on trips, destinations, and hotels. In fact, as a source of information, TripAdvisor ranks above personal recommendations, print guidebooks, travel blogs, and travel apps – demonstrating once again that online reviews are one of the most powerful factors influencing consumer and traveler behavior.

In a newly released report by the World Travel Market, it was shown that 27 percent of travelers favored TripAdvisor as their most trusted resource for travel planning and going on holiday. The travel and hotel reviews site ranked ahead of personal recommendations from friends and family (18 percent), tourist board websites and print guidebooks (both at 14 percent), and travel blogs, travel applications, and social media (all at 3 percent).

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According to the report: “Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding peer review sites (like TripAdvisor), including the legitimacy and authenticity of reviews and the effort of the sites to improve this, they remain the most trusted and key resource for UK holidaymakers when it comes to planning their holidays.”

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The report – entitled “World Travel Market 2013 Industry Report” – takes into account the survey responses of over 1,000 travelers in the UK, all of whom took a minimum 7-day summer holiday in 2013.  It also identified Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and Argentina as the emerging travel destinations – and found that almost 6 out of 10 holidaymakers still use traditional, hard-copy guidebooks, such as those published by Lonely Planet.

The information from the World Travel Market report is critical for executives and business owners looking to monitor and manage hotel reviews posted by their guests. Just a couple of weeks ago, another study (by Choice Hotels Europe) revealed that 63 percent of hoteliers in Europe now spend between 1 to 3 hours every week monitoring review sites, reading traveler and guest reviews, and responding to what these people are saying about them.

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  1. Amanda Eicher

    It is always good to get a personal opinion from someone who has been to your travel destination but that isn’t always an option. Travel review sites gives you a better picture of all the experiences available when you travel and most of the time you can also see the reviews of other travelers.