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Why Change Your Business Name on TripAdvisor?

According to industry research, travel website TripAdvisor ranks ahead of personal recommendations, tourist board websites, and guidebooks as the most trusted source for travel planning.

If your business is listed on the site, you have to put your best foot forward by updating your business name, listing, location, category and other details.

Having the correct information displayed on your TripAdvisor business listing will help improve your engagement levels as well as prevent potential customers from getting confused.

There are situations in which you may feel like you have to change your business name on TripAdvisor. You may have undergone a rebrand. Or you moved to a new location, with which a name change is necessary. Or maybe your listed name was incorrect to begin with and you need to update it.

How to Change Your Business Name on TripAdvisor

The first step to changing or updating your business name is to make sure you have already registered to access the TripAdvisor Management Center.

(The Management Center is your hub for managing every aspect of your TripAdvisor business listing. Read this guide for instructions on how to register and how to claim your business listing.)

Once you have registered and verified your business, you’ll be able to log into the Management Center by visiting:

This will take you to your Management Center homepage, where you can edit and update your business name on TripAdvisor. To do this:

  • Go to the “Manage Listing” or “Profile” tab in the top menu and click on “Name and Description.”

  • Use the menu on the left-hand side of the page to change the business name**, or edit each relevant section of the listing (like location and amenities).
  • If you represent a hotel and you are changing your business name on TripAdvisor, you have the option of selecting a specific hotel brand as well as a specific business name.

  • Hit “Submit” when you’re done.

** Keep in mind that TripAdvisor may translate your business name into other languages in order to display it in all points of sale.

How to Change Your Business Category on TripAdvisor

You can also update your business category through the Management Center. Here are the instructions, depending on your type of business:


  • Log into the Management Center. Under “Help and Settings” in the top menu, click “Contact TripAdvisor.”
  • In the section “Please tell us what the issue is,” click “Update business information.”
  • Select “Request change of accommodation type” and fill out the form. Make sure you also provide TripAdvisor with links or license information that the site can use to verify your requested category change.
  • Click “Submit.”


  • Log into the Management Center. Under “Manage Listing” in the top menu, click “Cuisines and Amenities.”
  • Update the sections and click “Submit.”


  • Log into the Management Center. Under “Manage Listing” in the top menu, click “Name and Description.”
  • In the “Attraction Details” section on the left, update all necessary sections.
  • Click “Submit.”

Migs Bassig

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  1. Maria Theocharopoulou


    I just submit my business but i realize that the description does’t fit.

    My office organize photography workshop holidays in different places in Greece. I categorized my business as an attraction (lessons/workshops) and i had to register in one permanent place where my office is and not actually our places of activity. Should i wait first the acceptance of my submission and then change it? and how can i include the 5 photography destinations?

    thank you in advance for your help


    • Migs Bassig

      Hi Maria,

      Yes, please, we recommend you wait for your listing to be approved and verified before you make the corrections and other further change. Let us know how it goes!

      • Atta

        Any can help me please if you kindly help. Because totally I was boring to trying listing my company on TripAdvisor site and never I see on trip advisor .

        Please help ………help
        My company espesialis for boat trip actually .

        Company Name : Wanua Adventure-Komodo Boat Trips

        Address : Gili Meno Island, Gili Indah-Pemenang Lombok Utara. Indonesia

        Phone numbre : + 6281237412621
        Post code: 83352
        Website :
        E mail address: [email protected]
        My name is Atta and I is the manager of company.

        Please help and help


  2. Tiffany's Music Lounge

    My location on the map is incorrect and people and telling me they cant find my club due to it. The address is correct but the map shows wrong!!! Now I have been penalized for making a comment on my page, who is going to now compensate me for loss of income due to your error?

    • Migs Bassig

      Hello there,

      If you made updates or changes, typically you’d have to wait a few business days for those to take effect. Please contact TripAdvisor or visit the site’s Help Center for any further problems or concerns with your listing. Let us know how it goes!

  3. Irana Indian Restaurant

    I was situated at 20 Greenwood, Berea east London and have tried on numerous occasion to change to SHOP G, CHELSEA CENTRE, 5 GLASTON STREET, BEREA, EAST LONDON, EASTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, We have bought the Thai Restaurant that was there and it’ been over 4 month that I am trying but in vain, can you help please as it’ not helping my business at all

    Thank you so much

  4. melanie meigh

    I would like to leave an I Pad in my new visitor centre to allow visitors to post their comments on Trip Advisor themselves whilst here. It is always the disgruntled visitors who got pecked by a rare duck that post a miserable review or find they have to pay when they wanted to go out free and so the thousands of visitors who come yearly go home happy and return often don’t bother to review us but if it was here in the centre they could post their reviews over a coffee and we could get the benefit of this.
    Can you tell me if this is possible to do and if so how can it be done?

  5. Emily Quiney

    I have been trying endlessly to switch my business from an attraction to a restaurant and I cannot get anything to work. Please help!



  7. Jack McGowan

    Hello, My business is Coastal River Charters a Fishing & Sightseeing Company in Savannah, Ga.. The business is fishing. Can my listing be under charters & fishing rather tours?

    Thank you very much! Fishing On! Capt. Jack McGowan

    • Migs Bassig

      Hi Jack, you can certainly try it out! “Fishing charters and tours” sounds like your ideal category. Let us know how it goes!

  8. Vandana khatwani

    Hi, I want to change my property listing from B&B to hotels. How can I do it ? Actually I have lost my login details. How can I retrive the same and make needful changes.
    Please help , thanks in advance

  9. Dolma

    Hello Miggs
    I too listed my hotel in the category of guest house, I have the login details and would like to change it. Couldn’t do it myself. A quick help would be really appreciated.

  10. Ruth Noble

    I operate a tour company. We provide tour services to two different Cities. I have on,y been able to list in one of the Cities. Is there any way that my tour company can show up on “Things to do” search in both cities ?

    Thank you in advance for your help.