November 20, 2019

Facebook Widget: Embed Facebook Reviews on Your Website

facebook review widget

You can use reviews and Recommendations on your Facebook Page to showcase what customers think of your business on social media. 

With a Facebook review widget, you can leverage Facebook reviews as powerful social proof and display them on your website and other core web properties.

The widget also helps in other ways such as:

  • Building a positive brand presence. A stream of great Recommendations and five-star ratings from customers on social media can showcase your business and drive sales.
  • Inspiring consumer trust. Facebook is one of the top five sites that consumers check before they visit a business. Having Facebook reviews and Recommendations on your website can build brand credibility, inspire consumer trust, and optimize conversion rates
  • Lowering costs: Adding reviews to your website can even help reduce the cost-per-click on your AdWords campaigns. 

How to Use a Facebook Review Widget on Your Website

You can do without a Facebook widget and simply copying and pasting Recommendations from your Page onto your website. But this takes a lot of manual work, and you’ll have to update your website pages every time a new Facebook Review or Recommendation comes in. 

Fortunately, you have several options for integrating Facebook reviews and Recommendations on your website. 

Amplify by ReviewTrackers

If you’re a ReviewTrackers customer, you can use Amplify, a review widget suite that can display all or a curated set of customer reviews on your website.

Your Facebook review widget can be set up in minutes, without the need for a tech team. It is very easy to implement and only involves copying and pasting code. You can hand-pick your own featured testimonials or display a live feed of fresh Recommendations from Facebook, as well as from other business review sites.

facebook review widget

Amplify lets you choose between different types of Facebook review widgets. 

  • Testimonial carousel: You can place this Facebook widget anywhere on your website to highlight up to 15 featured reviews and Recommendations.
  • Location review feed: Managing a business with multiple locations? This Facebook review widget displays reviews of specific locations, for any location page.
  • Star snapshot: This Facebook review widget displays your average rating (based on a five-point scale) as seen on your Facebook business Page.

Facebook Widget Plugins for WordPress

If your website is powered by WordPress, you can simply search WordPress’ Plugins marketplace to find widgets that will display reviews and Recommendations from your Facebook Page. Most of these widgets are free, with an option to upgrade to a paid version of the plugin.

facebook review widget

Keep in mind that some of the Facebook widget plugins use the Facebook Graph API and may require admin rights to your business Page to get the reviews and Recommendations. 

Another limitation is that some Facebook review widgets for WordPress only let you display a certain number of Recommendations per business location or Page. Free plugins also might not extend the kind of support you require if you encounter any bugs and issues.

Embedding Individual Facebook Recommendations

Haven’t found the right Facebook review widget? Here’s an alternative: if you only want to display a few individual reviews, you can copy an embed code straight from your Facebook business Page and paste it onto the “Reviews” section of your website. 

  • Click the Reviews tab on your Page and find the review you want to embed.
  • On the top right of the individual Review or Recommendation — right across the date and time it was posted —click “More Options.”

facebook review widget

  • From the dropdown menu, click “Embed.” This will generate an embed code that you can copy and paste straight onto your website.

facebook review widget

I Have a Facebook Review Widget. What’s Next?

Once you find and installed a Facebook widget for displaying reviews and Recommendations on your website, you can take steps to maximize the results of your efforts. Here are some useful tips:

Respond to Reviews and Recommendations

Show customers that you’re listening to their feedback. On the Reviews tab of your Facebook business Page, you can respond to individual Recommendations in the same way that you can leave comments on different types of posts on Facebook.

facebook review widget

Drive Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

Build your Page and regularly post updates like news, special offers, photos, videos, and links. You can also show your willingness to connect by liking, commenting, and responding to customers’ activity on your Page. 

Check out the complete guide to using Facebook Business Manager

Share Your Best Reviews on Social Media

Don’t stop at sharing reviews on your website; you can use reviews and Recommendations to build up your own Facebook business Page, too. 

The shelf life of a review is much longer than a typical Facebook post. Because reviews are a form of user-generated content, they are more impactful and stay relevant longer than promotional brand content and sales messages.

Sharing your best reviews on social media can help drown out negative noise, and it can also make a positive impact on your search visibility.

Harness the Power of Facebook Reviews and Recommendations

Companies often (and rightly) approach reviews as a source of valuable customer feedback, but reviews also serve as a powerful form of social proof.

By taking reviews on your Facebook business Page and displaying them on your website, you can improve your brand reputation, drive your conversion rates, and gain the trust of your customers and prospects.

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