February 27, 2019

Can You Edit a Review on Tripadvisor?

edit tripadvisor review

Tripadvisor is one of the first websites ever to adopt user-generated content. The content is provided by users who share their reviews, opinions, questions, answers, photos, and videos on the world’s largest selections of travel listings.

The amount of reviews Tripadvisor has generated through users is particularly impressive. According to the site, it has collected over 730 million reviews and opinions.

“Can you edit Tripadvisor reviews?”

It’s a question that may arise if you’re a user who wants to update your review of a business on Tripadvisor, or if you simply want to correct your review’s grammar and spelling.  

If you’re using Tripadvisor for business (or the Tripadvisor Owner App), you may also wonder how you can remove or edit a review on Tripadvisor — especially if it’s a scathing one that hurts your online reputation.

How to Edit a Tripadvisor Review

Here’s the short answer: no, you cannot edit a Tripadvisor review that has already been published. You also cannot edit a review on Tripadvisor that’s still pending.

If you’re a Tripadvisor user who just submitted a review of a business, what you can do is choose to remove the original review and resubmit it with changes.

If you’re representing a business, you can resolve issues with a customer and ask them for an updated review. They won’t be able to revise the current review, but again, you can ask them to remove the original Tripadvisor review and resubmit a newer version.

Here are instructions on how to edit a review on Tripadvisor (even though it’s kind of the long way round):

  • Have the customer go to their review and click the icon with three dots, which is located on the top-right corner of the review box.

  • Select the “Delete” option and confirm it by pressing “Delete” again. Keep in mind that customers are only allowed to submit an updated review once for the same experience.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Privately reach out to the reviewer. Tripadvisor frowns upon businesses using the private messaging feature to contact a reviewer and request an edit or resubmission.

But if you have the reviewer’s contact information in your customer database, reach out offline (or outside of Tripadvisor).

First, make sure you have addressed their feedback and resolved their issues. And when you finally request them to resubmit their review on Tripadvisor, be cordial and clear as to the nature of your request. You may also want to include a link to their original review to facilitate the process of resubmitting or editing the review on Tripadvisor.

Respond publicly to the original and updated reviews. Post a management response to the original Tripadvisor review even before the review is removed and submitted again.

This shows Tripadvisor users that you care about the customer’s feedback — even while the process of updating the original review is still pending.

Once the new review has been submitted and published, respond to it, too. Remember: the more engaged the business owner is, the more interested the consumer.

For more, read our guide on how to respond to Tripadvisor reviews.

Report fake or malicious reviews. Unfair or malicious reviews can do unwarranted damage to the reputation of a business on Tripadvisor.

If you think a review doesn’t adhere to Tripadvisor’s guidelines, you can report it via the Management Center. You can also use a travelers account (instead of a business account) on Tripadvisor to report reviews. Simply click on the flag icon displayed beneath the review in question.

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