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A few weeks ago, we wondered whether or not online reviews would soon be available on social networking site Facebook. That’s because, according to reports on AllFacebook (an unofficial Facebook blog), a new Review button began to appear on the Facebook Pages of some local businesses.

Well, it seems like the social networking giant is indeed going to be rolling out this new review feature – sooner rather than later. The Facebook review system includes a 5-star rating system, which customers can use to rate their favorite (or least favorite) local businesses. Check out the screenshots below, taken from Digital Trends:

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If you’re a business owner, this means that you’re going to have to add Facebook to your list of sites for online reputation monitoring. Don’t think of this as a bad thing, though; it can actually work to your advantage. Unlike on Yelp or TripAdvisor, ratings and reviews on Facebook have an added dimension of being social: posted reviews can spread around friend networks, for example.

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Facebook Graph Search: Watch Out, Yelp and Foursquare

Added Kate Knibbs of Digital Trends: “Proprietors could end up getting free marketing. Since Facebook reviews are good news for proprietors, they may introduce incentives for people who write Facebook reviews, which could spur popularity growth for the function. And Facebook’s Graph Search may make it easier to pull up reviews for place pages (think searching ‘Thai places with five stars in Chicago’).”

Here’s what else you, as a business owner, should know about the new Facebook reviews:

  • According to the Facebook Help page for reviews, the reviews are enabled for Facebook business pages with a location. This means that, in order to enable customers to post reviews on your business’ Facebook profile, you must first add your physical address to your page.
  • Only people with Facebook accounts can write a review or rate your business. They’re prompted with the question, “What do you think about this place?” Users can leave a star rating without having to write a review, though, and these ratings factor into your overall rating.
  • You can’t delete individual reviews off your Facebook page. The only option you have is to disable the review feature by completely taking your address off your business page.

How do you think Facebook reviews will do against a more established reviews and ratings aggregator like Yelp? Knibbs offers her opinion:

“Facebook’s reviews are very easy to write, and if they catch on, they could seriously impinge of Yelp’s territory. Facebook may need to develop a way to rank local businesses and create ways for users to browse them according to neighborhood, category, and popularity, if it wants to mimic some of Yelp’s most valuable functionality.”

To learn more about setting up your own Facebook business page check out our quick guide.

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  1. Tonya

    I think it is irresponsible to not require the FB user to claim that they have done business wth the Erwin they are writing a review on. It has become a means for harassment and a outlet fr vending do behavior. For instance, there is a lady Kathy who’s boyfriend liked me 25 years ago, she rated me. 1 star. I have never done business wth her. Yet FB won’t do anything to a review star rating. I post annually in a reply stating that. Have never done business with her. Another page I have for a second business had several I star ratings from competitors they gave recounts to f they rated it a one star. Still no changes in the policy from FB.


    Can a FB Business page admin block a specific person from posting and writing a review on their page? I rented a car from someone that had a business page. We had a bad experience. I wanted to.write a review but that feature was not present when i view their profile. However it was possible for me to review other businesses and when i used my moms account to view said business’ profile, was able to post a review. Why was it not possible under my own account for this specific car rental business?