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Restaurant ratings aggregator and Google-owned company Zagat recently launched the first version of its Android app, available now for download (for Android 2.2 devices or higher) at the Google Play Store.

The new free Zagat app for Android comes on the heels of a number of Google+ Local-related announcements from the search engine giant. Last week, online review site Google+ Local updated its Zagat-based reviewing scale and enabled users to rate businesses and submit reviews more easily.


While the Android app is branded officially as Zagat’s – complete with the familiar wine red color sheme, logo, ratings system, and interface – it is nonetheless integrated with the search giant’s products, including Google+ Local, Google Search, and Google Maps. Last May, when Google rolled out Google+ Local, its new ratings aggregator and review and recommendation service, it came integrated with Zagat, one of the world’s original providers of user-generated content covering restaurants and food & beverage businesses.

Check out screenshots of the Zagat app for Android:



“Through our app you can browse thousands of restaurants in the world’s top destinations and refine your search with more than 100 filters and special features that matter to you, like whether the place has outdoor seating, or is child-friendly,” wrote Bernardo Hernandez, Managing Director of Zagat in a company blog post. “Simply sign-in to Google+ to get the most from the app and to share your experiences with the Google+ community.

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