Why Salons and Spas Need to Focus on Reputation Management as a Marketing Strategy

July 29, 2014

45 percent of customers say they’re more likely to visit businesses that respond to their reviews

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If you manage or own a beauty salon or spa, you are probably aware of how labor-intensive it is to build and secure a reputation. The fact is, 90 percent of your leads will be directly correlated to the opinions of prior customers, voiced either online or offline. Building a strong business reputation can make you stand out from the competition, facilitate the growth of your client base, and ensure repeat business.

The beauty and wellness industry is highly penetrated, and entrants, as well as well-established shops, have to work hard at customer acquisition and retention.

Costly promotions, daily deals, and offline coupons are often the most common but least effective tools embraced by the industry. If you are ready to move your salon or spa to the next level, then it is time you implement an aggressive online reputation management strategy designed to gain new customers and engage current ones.

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When properly managed, online reputation has the potential of increasing your revenue with minimal or no investment. In comparison to other marketing strategies, online reputation management is truly a winner when it comes to return on investment.

Online reviews almost as powerful as word of mouth

The value of word of mouth as it relates to marketing has been widely discussed. Common sense tells us that a face-to-face referral based on relationships can be highly influential in the decision to purchase.

However, more often than not, our customers remain silent and are unlikely to become promoters unless specifically asked. For this reason, focusing on the management and monitoring of your online reviews, where your true advocates congregate to voice their opinion, simply makes sense. Use your positive online reviews as a means to market your venue. Don’t be shy about displaying your overall score for sites such as Yelp or, and liberally display good reviews on your site or in printed media.

Engage with your reviewers and use multimedia

A great way to maximize a positive review for spa and salon services is to maintain a portfolio of pictures featuring your work. When possible, incorporate images of the results of your work as part of your enhanced profile. Or, why not ask your customers to include their images as an edit to their review?

When you receive a positive review, make it a point to respond with kindness and enthusiasm, and provide enhanced details of the services provided and products used. You might want to highlight new techniques when applicable, or elaborate on what it takes to achieve a particular look. As you engage in responding to reviews, you are not only increasing the potential of repeat business, but also exposing shoppers in your segment to inside information that might tilt the balance in your favor.

Improve your business practices by conducting review management and analysis 

Online reviews provide you with a superior feedback loop that can help you improve the services you provide, by pinpointing gaps and highlighting strengths. Make it a point to study the feedback you receive, and then refine your service and product offering to best meet the needs of your current and potential customers.

In addition to studying your own scorecard, you should also study the reviews of your competitors and seek to capture and imitate best practices. By making corrections on the fly, you are likely to see a quicker trend correction as it relates to negative reviews. (Learn how tracking your reviews can help you improve your business model.)

Combining superior beauty services with disciplined reputation management will most certainly yield business growth and set the stage for increased revenue. If you are interested in learning affordable ways to take control of your online reputation, give us a call for a free consultation.

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