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Google+ Local Makes It Easier for Your Customers to Share Food Photos

As a restaurant owner, you’ve probably already noticed this: people today love taking pictures of their food and posting them on the Internet.

Sharing food photos is now even easier thanks to a recent Google+ Local update.

When users upload pictures of your restaurant or your restaurant’s menu offerings on Google+ Local, they’ll be able to instantly share the images to friends who are in their Google+ circles. All they have to do is publish the photos, add a comment, and select the friends they want to share with. Viewers will then see the photos together with a link to your restaurant page on Google+ Local.

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This makes it more critical for your business to monitor restaurant reviews, listen to and manage what your diners are saying, and maybe get a little more creative with the way your food offerings are presented. (You can also take to Instagram and post photos that will further enhance your restaurant’s reputation.) 

Google+ Local, formerly called Google Places, is the search engine giant’s online reviews aggregator and local business recommendations platform. It was launched in January 2012, and has since grown its listings to over 100,000 businesses. 

Apart from the new instant food photo sharing feature, Google+ Local also enjoys smooth integration with Google Maps, social network Google+, and the Zagat restaurant review scale. The service also integrates high-quality panoramic imagery and Google Street View technology to display Google Business Photos, enabling customers to take an interactive virtual tour of businesses (hotels, restaurants, retail shops, etc.) without physically setting foot inside. 

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