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Feature Friday: How Zombies Improve Customer Satisfaction

November 13, 2015

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In honor of the upcoming Small Business Saturday, we are featuring some of our favorite small (but mighty) businesses in a “Friday Feature” all through November. Want your business featured? Just contact us.

You wouldn’t expect a 5-star Yelp review to include the words “extra challenging and creepy,” but that’s exactly the kind of praise Nicole Baich, executive producer of Room Escape Adventures, hopes to hear after hosting a zombie-filled team building event.

Families, friends, and office parties in major cities across the U.S. visit Room Escape Adventures to experience the thrill of being locked in a room with a zombie, a series of puzzles and riddles, and only 60 minutes to escape before being “eaten.”

With such a unique product, it’s no surprise that customer feedback is a vital source for the company when deciding where changes need to be made. By monitoring their online ratings and reviews with ReviewTrackers, Baich and her team are able to improve customer experiences without missing a beat.

Aggregating reviews in one simple dashboard allows Room Escape Adventures to look for keywords, mentions of specific employees and changes in customer satisfaction and know which areas of the business need more attention. The company has noticed an improvement in overall customer happiness since they started effectively monitoring their online reviews.

With their corporate team spread across Los Angeles, Seattle, and Columbus, Room Escape Adventures also relies on review monitoring to understand how their satellite locations are operating in cities such as Boston, Dallas, New York, Denver, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

“We have seen the importance of receiving quick review notifications and being able to make changes or review/reward our staff based on the feedback,” Baich confirmed.

“We saw trends regarding an area we needed to improve and because we were monitoring reviews, we were able to make updates,” she adds. “Now, we are no longer seeing those negative comments.

Read on for the full Q&A.


We asked Room Escape Adventures their thoughts on monitoring reviews and how using ReviewTrackers has helped them with improving customer experience.

ReviewTrackers: Why are online reviews important to you?

Room Escape Adventures: As a small business that has remote staff, we rely on reviews to give us insight as to how our satellite locations are operating. We look for keywords, mentions of specific employees, and overall experience summary to evaluate where we need to look closer and changes that may improve the user experience.

RT: How were you monitoring online reviews before using ReviewTrackers?

Room Escape Adventures: We relied on the specific review site (Yelp, for instance) to send us notifications. The drawback was that only the email we registered with would receive those notifications – not the four people we wanted the notifications to end up in front of.

  1. Reviews were only automatically sent to one person and not everyone we needed to would see them.
  2. We did not have the ability to visit one page to view all review avenues.
  3. There was too much friction to visit different sites to monitor activity.

RT: Does anyone else on your team monitor or do anything with the review data besides you? If so, who?

Room Escape Adventures: Yes. Our owner, marketing director, executive producer and on-site producers all receive copies of the reviews.

RT: Describe your workflow when you receive a new review. Do you respond? Do you share the review with anyone else on the team?

Room Escape Adventures: We receive the review, comment on specifics and forward to the employees (if any are mentioned). If a response is warranted, the executive producer will author it.

RT: What are the top features you love about ReviewTrackers? Why do you love them?

Room Escape Adventures: I love that we can easily change who receives the reviews. I also love that the ReviewTrackers team (shout out to Crystal) is quick to reply and help us. The price point is right for us, too.

RT: Have you seen improvement in customer happiness, or in the number of positive reviews since starting review monitoring?

Room Escape Adventures: Yes! We have seen the importance of receiving quick review notifications and being able to make changes or review/reward our staff based on the feedback.

RT: Have you seen an increase in revenue growth since monitoring reviews? If so, mind sharing a percentage or example?

Room Escape Adventures: An indirect revenue growth may be that we were noticing trends in reviews regarding aesthetic quality and we improved that. We rely on word of mouth referrals and business is still going well – I like to think that the aesthetic improvements have helped with referrals.

RT: Have you seen any other “big wins” as a result of using ReviewTrackers, whether it’s internally or with customers?

Room Escape Adventures: Yes. We have started an internal reward program for our employees and this is a step we are integrating to improve morale.

Room Escape Adventures is a division of Bucket List Productions, LLC.

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