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How DecisionOne Dental Uses Reviews to Grow Its Online Presence and Build Lasting Patient Relationships

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For 8.3+K reviews across 33 locations (92% of reviews have 5-star ratings)

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Delivering custom notifications to 34 users across 33+ DecisionOne offices

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Since using ReviewTrackers (August 2018)

Schaumburg, IL


Number of locations


Find effective ways to improve patient acquisition and generate online patient reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp

Educate individual offices about the importance of reviews, and encourage practitioners to proactively request patient feedback and build their digital reputation


Quickly track and act on customer feedback using Review Alerts to maintain brand standards and deliver experiences that drive patient retention

Empower team members and offices to claim ownership of their individual review request workflows using the Ask Tool

Achieve a better understanding of practice performance and online reputation through Location Performance and Reputation Scorecards to improve brand presence and drive revenue

Use the Amplify review widget suite to dynamically display reviews on individual provider pages or location pages


DecisionOne Dental Partners, one of the fastest-growing dental alliances in the U.S., blends the values of a solo practitioner dental office with the efficiencies of larger group practices. Key to the company’s success is its ability to help providers navigate the increasingly complex healthcare marketing landscape — especially in the time of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

One particular area of focus is growing the online presence of its providers through patient reviews

“Reviews are a recommendation from a friend you haven’t met yet,” says Stacy Medema, marketing and creative manager for DecisionOne Dental. 

“No matter how much we spend on marketing — if potential patients go online and find no reviews or worse, negative reviews without an acknowledgement from the business — they are going to go elsewhere and our marketing dollars will be wasted. It’s no surprise that we’ve seen a correlation between an uptick in online reviews and Internet patient referrals.

“Now more than ever, people are turning to the Internet — even if they’ve been given a referral — and we want to make sure we’re setting a great first impression.”

To create lasting first impressions, DecisionOne Dental partners with ReviewTrackers.

“According to research, 72% of patients use reviews as the first step to finding a new doctor.” 

Software Advice


“Our reviews grew by 5X what we were seeing before”

DecisionOne Dental’s providers use ReviewTrackers to request feedback from patients and generate more reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

The software platform’s Ask Tool allows each practice to create and customize review request campaigns, which are then sent via email or SMS, along with links to specific websites where DecisionOne Dental’s providers can benefit from getting more reviews.

request reviews on social media





One Woodstock, Illinois dentist experienced a spike in website views after a 400% increase in reviews. Another office in Lake in the Hills, IL recorded an increase in direction requests and appointment calls after a 225% growth in reviews. 

“Previously, we were getting only about two dozen reviews a month across all our offices,” Medema recalls. “With ReviewTrackers, everybody bought in and we have exponentially grown our reviews by five times.” 

The organization’s unique approach to reviews is rooted in having a leadership team that champions the use of ReviewTrackers technology to improve the patient experience, while also empowering each practice to claim ownership of their individual review request workflows.

Total review requests sent

Ask Tool powers customizable review request campaigns delivered automatically via email and SMS

Click-through rate

Campaign Activity tracks key review request performance metrics with the ability to drill down into location-level data

of the company’s reviews are 5-stars

Location Performance ranks top-performing offices based on review volume, rating, and response

“Our offices are very involved in their own marketing success because they realize that reviews help our business,” Medema says. 

Thanks to clear, open communication and positive reinforcement from the corporate team, DecisionOne Dental’s providers have been able to build and maintain great momentum to drive more reviews.

“We make sure we’re building a relationship with our patients. We’re not grabbing phone numbers and emails from our system and sending review requests to no-shows and cancellations.”

While the corporate team provides on-brand messaging and language that offices can use when asking patients for reviews, a number of providers leverage the rich customization features of the Ask Tool to personalize their review requests and deliver messages that truly resonate with patients. 

The company has also enabled Smart Response: a feature that lets individual dental offices use response suggestion templates to reply to patient feedback, while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations and patient privacy policies.

“Our locations are spread out, but it’s special to see everybody bought in and become so motivated and excited about reviews,” Medema says. “This is also a testament to ReviewTrackers and how the software platform is so user-friendly that it’s easy for our offices to adopt and use regularly.”

Using review widgets to grow offices’ online presence

Reviews can dramatically improve search engine performance, an essential strategy for attracting more patients and increasing conversion. 

DecisionOne Dental is utilizing these reviews as marketing assets that help grow providers’ online reputation, even amidst the current health crisis and reduced spending on traditional advertising initiatives.

To amplify the effects of their increased reviews on local SEO, DecisionOne Dental offices use ReviewTrackers’ review widget suite — aptly called Amplify — to dynamically display reviews on individual provider pages or location pages.


"With over 30 unique brands being reviewed on numerous sites, monitoring and responding to reviews would be impossible without a partner like ReviewTrackers." 

Stacy Medema
Marketing and creative manager for DecisionOne Dental


The way DecisionOne Dental and its offices have embraced and harnessed online reviews is a strong reflection of how the company adheres to core values that support patients above all else.

ReviewTrackers helps the organization monitor, manage, and drive valuable patient feedback. Many healthcare groups typically struggle to adopt digital transformation technology, but in the case of DecisionOne Dental, the leadership team champions the software, and their dental offices across all locations are highly educated and engaged.

Says Medema: “ReviewTrackers has added an enormous value to our company at an affordable price point. We get a chance to celebrate the positives with our team members, as well as a chance to learn from any experiences that a patient perceived as not so positive.

“With over 30 unique brands being reviewed on numerous sites, monitoring and responding to reviews would be impossible without a partner like ReviewTrackers. Any time we have a question, concern, or seek advice, the team at ReviewTrackers are quick to respond and resolve. We are excited to see our relationship grow and evolve and can’t wait to see what ReviewTrackers has to offer in the future!”

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