October 7, 2021

The 5 Biggest Agency Challenges (and How ReviewTrackers Can Help)

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A major agency challenge comes in the form of reputation management software. Brands place their trust in agencies to help them build their online presence — and increase customer acquisition and retention. By offering reputation management services, agencies can help their clients achieve their goals, while also growing revenue for the agency itself.

To make the process of offering reputation management services easier to new and existing customers, we explore five of the biggest challenges agencies face — and how ReviewTrackers helps solve them.

Agency Challenge #1: Agencies Struggle to Efficiently Scale Reputation Management Services

Offering reputation management software solutions has the potential to significantly increase revenue. But oftentimes, agencies struggle to scale reputation management efficiently. The goal is customer acquisition (and upsell existing customers) with reputation management. But understandably, agencies don’t want to invest a ton of internal time and resources to make that growth happen.

With ReviewTrackers, agencies are able to scale much more efficiently.

When you partner with ReviewTrackers, you’ll have reputation management software with tools and resources to ensure your teams know the ins and outs of the product — and how to sell it efficiently. ReviewTrackers also allows agencies to offer pilot programs to brands which can convert more prospects to customers.

After a deal is signed, ReviewTrackers helps with customer retention by providing extensive reporting that clearly proves the ROI of reputation management services. What’s more, ReviewTrackers gives agencies plenty of opportunities to offer additional services to customers beyond the core reputation suite. For example, a brand might pay the agency for managed services, such as asking for reviews and responding to reviews. Brands may also be interested in additional add-ons, such as Amplify, which allows brands to display reviews directly on their own website, which can help improve local SEO and increase conversion.

a group of people meeting agency challenges by scaling teams and offering reputation mangement software

Agency Challenge #2: Enabling Teams to Sell a New Solution Requires Time and Resources

Offering reputation management services isn’t helping your bottom line if your sales team isn’t able to sell it well.

Agencies must train their teams on how to sell reputation management, but it takes time and resources to get sales teams up to speed on new products — especially if the offerings are complex.

ReviewTrackers is the perfect choice for agencies looking for a reputation management offering that’s easy to sell. For starters, the product and interface is easy to use right out of the box.

What’s more, ReviewTrackers provides the enablement you need so your teams are well-versed on the product — and are ready to sell it. With robust reporting to share internally, our support center full of quick videos and searchable links, and a dedicated rep, this solution is one you can be excited to share with your clients.

Agency Challenge #3: Not Enough Time to Devote to a Reputation Management Offering

Agencies often hesitate to acquire a product because they’re concerned it’ll require a large investment of time. That can certainly be the case; from product training and selling to onboarding and delivering managed services, that time quickly adds up.

Offering reputation management services isn’t time consuming for agencies that partner with ReviewTrackers. In fact, our goal is to make reputation management services as “hands off” as possible — even for agencies that offer managed services.

With ReviewTrackers, we provide an enablement session to get agency teams up to speed on the solution as quickly as possible. We also equip agencies with a “snapshot” of a brand’s current reputation, making it faster and easier to make the case for reputation management services.

Agencies may also worry about the time involved with onboarding new customers — especially if it’s 50 or even 100 locations. The good news is, the onboarding process with ReviewTrackers is quick and easy. In fact, it takes the same amount of time to onboard those 50 to 100 locations as it does to drink a cup of coffee. If an agency is white labeling the ReviewTrackers solution (more on that later), it takes about a week.

Some agencies avoid offering managed services to their clients for fear of it taking too much time. ReviewTrackers eliminates this concern with an easy workflow for managed services. Our managed services tool can be found under the “Respond to Reviews” tab in the agency viewpoint. This allows agencies to log in and see all unanswered reviews from all clients and locations. In other words, an agency can log in just once a day to respond to every new review for every client — all from a single page.

Agency Challenge #4: Providing Free Trials

The majority of people take a test drive before purchasing a car. In the same way, brands often expect to try out software (including reputation management solutions) before committing to a purchase.

Offering a free trial can also be an effective way to close more deals. According to Recurly Research, two out of three free B2B trials end up converting. Free trials also increase retention, as they allow a brand to see firsthand whether an offering fits their needs. If it does, it’s easier to retain that brand long-term.

But the unfortunate reality is that oftentimes, agencies don’t have the opportunity to offer free trials.

ReviewTrackers understands the importance of free trials for both agencies and brands — which is why we allow partner agencies to provide free trials for up to five clients with up to five locations using our Essential package for two weeks. That way, agencies can meet brand expectations — and brands can make more informed purchase decisions which will lead to higher satisfaction (and greater retention).

Agency Challenge #5: Agencies Prefer to Sell White Label Solutions — But That’s Not Always Possible

It’s easier to offer an existing reputation management product than it is to build a new one from scratch. But agencies work hard to earn the trust of their customers, and the idea of selling a solution with another company’s branding isn’t always appealing. However, that’s not the case for agencies that partner with ReviewTrackers.

ReviewTrackers white labels often and allows agencies to white label everything on the platform — right down to the URL. Even our help center (which includes FAQs, searchable terms, and short how-to videos) is white labeled. This extensive feature allows agencies to provide the full value of reputation management solutions and resources to clients — while saving time and growing their business.

Surpass Agency Challenges with a ReviewTrackers Partnership

Offering reputation management services is a powerful tool in improving your clients’ online presence while generating agency revenue.

With ReviewTrackers, your agency’s value can increase while offering a proven reputation management solution that helps clients acquire and retain more customers by leveraging their strong online presence. Partner with ReviewTrackers today!

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