May 18, 2022

How NLP Software Helps Businesses Build Better Strategies

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Companies using advanced technologies such as natural language processing, or NLP, software to not just beat the competition but also to meet and raise customer expectations. If you’re thinking about utilizing NLP software, the best way to implement it is to analyze your online reviews and reputation management as a whole.

NLP Software and Reviews: A Dynamic Duo

Everyone knows that online reviews are valuable pieces of social proof for consumers looking to make a purchase decision. However, companies can also use those same reviews along with NLP software to gain valuable and often-hidden insights that can be vital to making key decisions that equate to company success.

The right customer experience analytics NLP software not only showcases positive and negative sentiment keywords in each review, it can also detect trends in both sentiments. For instance, a restaurant might look at a group of negative reviews with NLP software and discover the words “wait staff” used frequently in that feedback group. This is a clear indication that a retraining session might be in order. In another scenario, a hotel chain is looking at their glowing reviews from multiple locations and find that people always talk about the free goodies they receive in their rooms.

If new initiatives are being tested, you can also utilize NLP software to see their effect on new consumers. This is the type of actionable data that brands need in order to make the right changes that can affect the customer experience for the better.


NLP Software and Reputation Management

In a similar vein, NLP tools on some of today’s best reputation management software can also provide a glimpse into the current state of your brand reputation. Based on the keywords provided from consumer feedback, you can see what terms people use that are associated with the company.

Depending on the severity of the keyword mentions, major changes to your brand reputation might be in order to better attract new consumers and even possibly regain former customers as well. In other cases, the data might offer ideas for new campaigns that target audiences based on the NLP insights gathered.


What might take a small team of people to do over the course of a few days now happens in a matter of seconds because of this new technology. With NLP software, your company can elevate the customer experience and brand reputation to new heights.

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