May 10, 2023

How to Grow Your Marketing Agency with Reputation Software

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To learn how to grow your marketing agency, you need to constantly adapt to the changing market conditions and new trends to grow your business. With the right strategies and tools, you can attract and retain more clients, which is key to long-term success. One of the products that can help you achieve this goal is reputation management software. In this blog, we’ll explore three ways that reputation management software can help grow your marketing agency.

Marketing Agency Reputation Software Feature #1: Review Management

To put it simply: online reviews are the boat that keeps your reputation afloat. Not only do they serve as a crucial factor in your agency’s online reputation, but they are also valuable social proof for the consumer when they’re researching an agency. In fact, according to recent customer review statistics, 92% of consumers use reviews to guide their ordinary purchasing decisions.

As a marketing agency, you can offer reputation management software to your clients to help them manage their online reviews. By doing so, you can help your clients to monitor and analyze their online reputation while providing them with insights that can help improve the customer experience. With ReviewTrackers, you can even respond to multiple reviews from the platform, ensuring that your clients are engaging with their customers in a meaningful way. Your team can use specific response templates or even create a process to handle specific negative reviews that requires more attention. 

Customer experience analytics can provide deeper insights that can spur new campaigns or operational changes, helping you to optimize your clients’ marketing strategies to meet their customer’s needs better. Reputation management software like ReviewTrackers can help you gather your clients’ reviews from multiple sources in one place and provide an accurate and updated analysis of the current state of the customer experience.

Your team can also spearhead the process of asking for reviews to help build your client’s online reputation. By actively asking for reviews, your clients can receive more feedback and generate more positive reviews, thereby increasing their online reputation and credibility while also finding new ways to improve the customer experience.


Marketing Agency Reputation Software Feature #2: Local Listing Management

One of the challenges for larger clients with multiple locations is managing and optimizing their local listings. Without proper management, inconsistencies in business information such as phone numbers or addresses can result in frustrated consumers, lost sales, and lower rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Offering local listing management services as part of your marketing agency’s portfolio can help to address these issues and improve your agency’s value to clients. By using ReviewTrackers’ local listing management features, your team can make simultaneous updates to vital information such as phone numbers, operating hours, website links, and physical addresses for all of your client’s locations.

This can be especially important for businesses with a high degree of foot traffic, such as retail stores or brands working in restaurant review management. Consistent and accurate information across all locations can help to reduce consumer friction, making it easier for potential customers to research the brand and ultimately make a quick purchase decision. Moreover, managing multiple listings for a brand can help improve their local SEO strategy, increasing their visibility in SERPs and making it easier for consumers to find their brand online.

By offering local listing management services and leveraging ReviewTrackers’ platform to make updates and ensure consistency across multiple locations, your marketing agency can help clients optimize their online presence and attract more customers. This not only enhances the value of your agency’s services, but can also result in increased client retention and acquisition rates.

Marketing Agency Reputation Software Feature #3: Competitor Monitoring

In the highly competitive world of marketing, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game and always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve your clients’ strategies. One such opportunity lies in competitor analysis, which can be an essential tool for growing your marketing agency. While your clients are busy building their brands, your agency can provide a valuable service by monitoring their competitors and providing insights that can complement their ongoing strategies.

With ReviewTrackers’ Competitor Analysis feature, your team can gain visibility into how your clients’ local rivals are performing from an online reputation perspective. This feature provides access to data on ratings and reviews, sentiment analysis, and trending keywords in reviews. By analyzing this data, your agency can inform clients of how their competitors are perceived by consumers and how they are faring from a reputation management standpoint.

This information can help your agency fuel new strategies or marketing campaigns for your clients. For example, if a competitor is receiving high marks for customer service, your agency may advise your client to step up their own customer service efforts to remain competitive. On the other hand, if a competitor is receiving negative reviews about their product quality, your agency may advise your client to highlight their own superior product quality in their marketing materials.

By using the Competitors feature, your marketing agency can offer your clients a valuable service that can help them stay competitive in their market. It can also provide a powerful tool for identifying new opportunities for growth and success.

Stay Ahead of the Competition: Grow Your Marketing Agency with ReviewTrackers

As a marketing agency, it’s vital to keep up with the latest digital tools and techniques to help your clients succeed in the digital world. Reputation management is a crucial aspect of online success, and ReviewTrackers offers the perfect solution for agencies looking to elevate their services. By utilizing ReviewTrackers’ software, you can streamline the process of gathering customer feedback, managing local listings, and analyzing competitors, ultimately providing more value to your clients. 

By making use of these valuable insights, you can offer new and innovative solutions to help clients meet their goals, while also attracting new customers to your agency. So if you’re looking to grow your marketing agency, be sure to consider adding ReviewTrackers to your toolbox.

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