May 2, 2023

3 Enterprise Marketing Strategies for Long-Term Success

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Enterprise marketing can be daunting for any team tasked with their company’s marketing strategy, but the process can actually be made easier. By using reputation management as the foundation, any company can utilize the strategies below to acquire and retain customers and ensure long-term success. Specifically, teams should be looking into 3 main steps for effective enterprise marketing.

  • Claim company listings (and additional locations)
  • Ask for reviews (and display the best ones to attract new customers)
  • Utilize review analysis to improve the experience and retain customers

Enterprise Marketing Step 1: Claim and Manage Online Listings

It is crucial for companies to have full control of their online presence, especially when starting an enterprise marketing plan. Claiming and managing online listings helps create a consistent and authentic brand message to consumers. Having listings on valuable sites like Google, Yelp, or Facebook is a strong first step.

The process of claiming and managing listings can be made easier with local listing management software like ReviewTrackers. When managing multiple listings for the company’s various locations, you can use ReviewTrackers to make sweeping improvements that help reduce friction and make the brand more appealing online such as:

  • Updating and ensuring accurate contact information
  • Answering consumer questions about products or the brand
  • Providing links to the brand website or to specific products

In other words, taking control of your online listings can help boost company reputation in the eyes of the consumer. Active management makes it more likely for people to engage with the brand and paves the way for a smooth conversion.

Enterprise Marketing Step 2: Ask for Customer Reviews

Consumer trust and credibility is another vital cog in enterprise marketing, and your team can facilitate that with reviews. People want social proof of the brand experience, moreso than any piece of marketing material. To get these reviews, you will need to have a review request strategy in place.

By asking for reviews, the company shows that it highly values the opinions of its customers and is committed to improving the experience for new and returning consumers alike. To save time and effectively reach a larger customer base, consider using the Ask Tool for better review requests. With this software you can create templates or custom review requests that reach out to customers via a physical card, SMS messaging, or even a short email message.

With a small collection of feedback, your team can convert rave reviews into valuable marketing material. With the help of Amplify, you can display top reviews for specific products or even about the overall company on widgets throughout your website. Being tactical about where you place your best reviews can underline the importance of feedback to brand success, which can easily convince more people to become loyal customers.

Enterprise Marketing Step 3: Analyze Customer Feedback

It’s important to ask for reviews, but it’s just as vital to closely analyze each piece of feedback. Doing so can yield valuable information about successful processes or hidden pain points. However, manually sifting through a collection of reviews can take up valuable time and resources that might even be prone to errors.

This is where customer experience analytics comes into play. This advanced tool can easily read hundreds or even thousands of reviews in a short span of time and provide accurate, actionable insights for any team. The information gained from the analysis can lead to impactful changes that increase customer retention, boost revenue, and bolster brand reputation.

Leaning on customer feedback as a source of truth gives companies a true glimpse into the customer experience, and taking advantage of sentiment analysis and trending keywords can steer any brand to success.


With 3 simple, yet powerful strategies, any team can start and execute a strong enterprise marketing plan thanks to reputation management software

By simply gathering utilizing customer feedback, your company can continue to garner loyal customers, attract more ideal consumers, and ensure long-term success thanks to a strong online reputation.

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