November 3, 2022

What to Look for in Enterprise Feedback Management Software

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Enterprise feedback management software is vital to company success. With it, you can easily track the reputational health of multiple locations, have an accurate pulse on the current customer experience, and garner the valuable insights used to make powerful and effective decisions in the operation.

However, not all enterprise feedback management software is created equal. There is a need to find the right reputation management software with the tools to help you succeed in the long run. Without these guidelines, you could be spending more money on software that doesn’t provide a fraction of what you need to succeed. As you shop around, it’s important to look for the following qualities in enterprise feedback management software:

Enterprise Feedback Management Software Trait #1: Comprehensive Review Management

Gathering all of your reviews for different locations, with each one having multiple listings, on a centralized platform is a daunting task, but not with today’s enterprise reputation management software. With just a few clicks, you can easily add listings from all of your locations to the ReviewTrackers platform and see your full review catalog.

With every piece of feedback at your fingertips, you can easily create a long-term online review management strategy. ReviewTrackers’ unlimited seats allow for collaboration with as many users as you need to triage and respond to customer and employee feedback alike.

Enterprise reputation management with reviews at the forefront is an effective way to gain consumer trust. Being able to properly engage with reviews and create effective responses to both positive and negative feedback alike sends trust signals to consumers who are looking for purchase-level differentiators between brands.


Enterprise Feedback Management Software Trait #2: Fast and Accurate Feedback Analysis

Utilizing feedback doesn’t just benefit the consumer; it also has a massive impact on the way you operate internally as well as the overall customer experience. Taking a closer look at recent feedback and highlighting trending keywords or patterns can unearth valuable insights that lead to effective changes in operation.

In the past, this process was time-consuming due to the fact that each review needed to be read by a person who then had to manually note certain keywords and phrases. This resulted in a slow turnaround and inconsistent data across different individuals. Thanks to natural language processing (NLP) technology, ReviewTrackers’ customer experience analytics tools conduct the same process in just a matter of seconds.

Rather than wait days or weeks to get operational insight, you can have the software look at all of the reviews on the platform to see the current state of the customer experience and even get a sneak peek at how new operational procedures are fairing.

This type of data is crucial for long-term success. Without the help of NLP, these insights might come too late or when your company is already taking drastic action to reduce losses. By leaning on new technologies in a centralized platform, you can easily reduce or even eliminate these issues before they become a major problem.

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Enterprise Feedback Management Software Trait #3: Powerful Competitive Analysis

The right enterprise management feedback system also looks externally, specifically your competition’s feedback. In a similar vein to using your own reviews to discover operational and customer experience trends, you can use the same tools to gauge your performance against local or even international rivals.

Think of it this way: with ReviewTrackers’ competitor analysis software you can look at a competing brand through the eyes of their customer feedback. You might notice that a majority of negative reviews from their customers mention “unfriendly staff” or “too expensive.” You can then use this knowledge to better train your own staff and also analyze your current pricing model to better attract customers.

When used in conjunction with your own internal review analysis, looking at the competition through the lens of consumer feedback not only helps you stay competitive; it also can be a catalyst for better acquisition especially when those consumers are former advocates for rival brands.


The right enterprise feedback management software has plenty to offer brands in a way that isn’t intimidating to use and produces results that elevate performance. ReviewTrackers’ reputation management software meets those needs while giving access to unlimited users. With just a few clicks, you can get started on a feedback strategy that improves operations and delights your customers.

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