October 26, 2022

The 4 Best Features for Business Reputation Management Software

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Having the right business reputation management software can help bring long-term success to your company.

When used correctly, the best reputation management software can easily attract and retain customers while also providing your team with valuable insights from customers about the state of the experience and how your competitors are doing compared to you. As you shop around for the best options, keep in mind these features that are a must in the perfect business reputation management software.

Business Reputation Management Software Feature #1: Listing Management

A key factor when gauging the capabilities of enterprise reputation management software is how it handles your online presence. There are plenty of business review sites where you can be listed, and the right software not only provides a full list of your online presence; it can also help with the listing setup process and spot irregularities in information.

Specifically, powerful local listing management tools like ReviewTrackers can detect when crucial details, like operating hours or contact information, are not the same across multiple listings. With a couple of clicks, you can easily fix that error. Updated and accurate listings not only help create a uniform brand online. It also sends valuable trust signals to the consumer and reduces friction during their research and decision-making process.

As a member of the Google My Business Featured Partners Program, ReviewTrackers can also expedite the verification of your brand’s Google listing. A brand verification on one of the most popular search engines online is not just valuable; it’s necessary. Without verification, your Google listing will not show up to consumers using Google Search and Maps, which means missing out on a valuable source of customer acquisition.


Business Reputation Management Software Feature #2: Review Management

The backbone of an online reputation for any brand is reviews, which makes review management a vital feature for any business reputation management software. However, it’s not enough to just have a piece of software that gathers all of your reviews in one place; you also need to actively manage them.

ReviewTrackers software makes this process easy by displaying your company reviews from multiple listings in a centralized page and also providing the tools respond to feedback directly through the platform. In addition, ReviewTrackers’ Ask Tool also allows you to create an effective review request strategy that gets you the feedback needed to gain more insights that lead to a better customer experience.

Business Reputation Management Software Feature #3: Review Analysis

Speaking of insights, reputation management software isn’t just about collecting and responding to feedback. It should also come with some data and analysis that your team can use to make meaningful changes to internal operations and the customer experience alike.

Using ReviewTrackers’ customer experience analytics features provides those game-changing data points. Instead of assigning team members to manually read each review, you can have natural language processing software analyze hundreds, if not thousands, of your reviews in a matter of seconds. This results in keyword trends from your reviews collection in both positive and negative sentiments, which can guide your brand’s next steps.

Business Reputation Management Software Feature #4: Competitor Analysis

Managing your reputation isn’t just about looking at optimizing your own brand. You also need to keep an eye on the competition in order to continue attracting customers. Having powerful competitor analysis on hand can easily give you the intel on ongoing rival strategies and how you can limit or even prevent the competitive impact on your brand.

With ReviewTrackers, you can keep one eye on the competition, specifically through the lens of their own online reputation. Taking note of their current ratings and reading the reviews of recent customers provides a glimpse into the state of their customer experience, which gives you an idea of how to position your brand against them.

Get the Right Business Reputation Management Software Today

Reputation management might seem complex at first, but the right piece of software makes the process easy to manage and allows you to create powerful data-based decisions to improve operations. With ReviewTrackers, you can easily elevate your online reputation. In a matter of minutes, you can have more effective control of your brand’s many listings and make the right moves that attract and retain customers for the foreseeable future.

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