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The Problem: Your Yelp Reviews Have Disappeared

Yelp is one of today’s most popular and influential review sites.

Reviews and ratings on your business page have the power to shape your brand reputation, influence consumer behavior, and even improve your search engine visibility.

Sometimes, though, these reviews go missing from your Yelp business page.

This can be frustrating. Imagine a Yelp user arriving at your business page without being able to read a positive review posted by one of your most loyal customers.

Has this issue affected your business? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered.

“My Yelp Reviews Disappeared!”: Why This Happened

There are a number of reasons why a Yelp review has disappeared. Let’s break down some of the most common ones:

The review is fake.

The most obvious reason for Yelp removing a review from a business page is that the review is fake.

While the site does not typically take sides in factual disputes, Yelp moderators can independently verify questionable reviews that have been flagged and reported. For reviews deemed by moderators to be fake, the result is removal of the review from the Yelp business page.  

The author deleted the review.

If the author deleted the review, you will not be able to get the review back, regardless of whether it was positive or negative. The only way you can have it displayed again on your Yelp page is if the author writes the exact same review.

Yelp removed the review because it violated content guidelines.

Yelp’s guidelines include:

  • There should be no threats or hate speech in any review.
  • There should be no conflicts of interest in a review. So if a consumer posts a review on a relative’s business site, for example, then it’s against Yelp’s content guidelines.
  • There should be no promotional content found in a Yelp review.
  • Review content should be relevant to the business.
  • Review content shouldn’t violate another person’s privacy. For example, a review shouldn’t contain a photo of other customers without their permission.
  • The review must be original.

So what kind of reviews does Yelp accept? “The best reviews are passionate and personal,” according to Yelp. “They offer a rich narrative, a wealth of detail, and a helpful tip or two for other consumers.”

Yelp filtered the review.

Yelp filters reviews if the review is considered “not recommended.” The Yelp review filter was built to make sure reviews are as unbiased and organic as possible.

According to Yelp, “Every review is automatically evaluated by Yelp’s recommendation software based on Quality, Reliability, and User Activity.”

The review could be filtered if:

  • The reviewer does not have a complete profile
  • The reviewer does not have social integration
  • The reviewer has only positive reviews
  • The review was submitted from an IP located somewhere else
  • The reviews are originating from the same computer
  • The reviewer does not have Yelp friends

Yelp says that it regularly evaluates the reviews caught by its filter, so that a filtered review can still be reinstated once it’s proven to be legitimate and written by a trustworthy Yelp user. That’s why, if you’re monitoring the reviews on your Yelp listing’s review tab, you’ll notice some come and some go. The order of reviews can even change, depending on the trustworthiness of the Yelp users who’ve written a review of your business.

Yelp’s review filter should not dissuade your business from trying to garner great reviews by offering excellent products and services, and engaging with your audience by promptly responding to online reviews.

Keep in mind that asking for Yelp reviews is discouraged. Instead, we recommend you spend time engaging with prior reviewers via review responses and building a business rooted in excellence in order to earn your reviews fair and square.

Yelp Reviews Disappeared: What You Can (and Can’t) Do

While it’s hard to say exactly what you can do to make sure Yelp does not remove or filter reviews, we know what you should not do.

If we look at Yelp’s content guidelines, there are a few rules you can follow that will prevent problems of Yelp reviews disappearing from your business page.

What not to do

  • Don’t use promotional content on your site.
  • Don’t ask for reviews from friends or family.

Make the effort to engage with your customers on Yelp. Respond to their reviews. Listen to their concerns. If you talk with your Yelp community and build relationships, then you’ll get reviews from reviewers who are consistently active on Yelp, who have complete profiles that link to social accounts, who post negative and positive reviews, and who have friends in the Yelp community.

As a business owner, you should also feel free to use your Yelp business account to publicly or directly respond to any inaccuracies in the review.

Migs Bassig

Migs is the Content Manager for ReviewTrackers. He's a creative writer who has helped numerous companies communicate more effectively online, and he loves sharing his local marketing knowledge to help brands and business succeed.


  1. Cheryl Arnold

    All 5 of the reviews our company has received are now missing. Even if 25% were removed it wouldn’t add up to all 5. I have paperwork to verify that they were all customers who phoned in for a plumber and paid for a service. I find this extremely unsettling. I personally will never post another YELP review for anyone. Too bad!!!

    • Irene

      Hi Cheryl.. I have the same issue with you.. Some of our good reviews disappear. I don’t know why… And the numbers of our review never go up cause Yelp keep on take out the review if customer add new review.

  2. Mike

    I wish this articles covered the opposite scenario. I’ve had multiple negative reviews disappear from certain businesses’ Yelp pages and see the other negative reviews disappear too. Yet when I log into my account I can see my reviews are still there, they’re just not visible to anyone else. It’s like a shadow ban, and I’m assuming the reason is someone paid for that to happen. I have no faith in Yelp, and it’s weird to me that this article acts like the businesses are victims.

  3. Amanda Eicher

    I would be very concerned if I saw my reviews were disappearing on yelp. I don’t think I have lost faith in the company yet. I would contact their customer service and see if you can find any explanation for the deleted comments. And if they were deleted for the reasons in this blog then I would know that yelp is doing their job to protect the integrity of the reviews that have been left.

  4. Alex

    Hi Amanda.
    It is wery strange because i called yesterday the costumer service of yelp and they answered me that they do not delete the reviews that are posted. On my question: “where are the revies that i have posted on my instagram page that i made screenshot” she said, that she don’t know and nobody will give me an answer. That was so unprofessional from the yelp. Only the reviewer can delete the review. I have the same problems as the business. I have daily 10 clients in my salon and i ask then to review my salon. Some of them review good some bad. I have noticed that good reviews are deleted. I have a bunch of screenshots af my reviews deleted by yelp with no reason. Interesting fact. I recieved a call from yelp couple weeks ago to rase my budget for yelp ads. I decided not to do that, so i think they are doing it just to keep businesses to pay them for leaving the reviews!

  5. Amy Lesemann

    I wonder if it is because my reviews were a few years old? They were all there for quite awhile – now they’re gone! it doesn’t make sense!

  6. anne collinsreed

    It is not because they are old. Some kind of scam. Only negatives show up for certain businesses. The same ones rated high on Google and Facebook. Makes Yelp look very bad if keeping track. I do not trust this at all anymore.

  7. Terry D Mitchell

    I did not violate any yelp guidelines and somehow the company had my review completely removed, I have contacted yelp to see why. In the meantime, I am wondering if I can leave them another review if Yelp has removed it or should I wait and see what Yelp replies with?

  8. Ricardo Giacoman

    I opened a Yelp Account at the beginning of this year and all I did was to let my past clients know about it. I received three Yelp reviews and months later I got two more; however, Yelp decided to hide them and I don’t know why. These people that posted the comments are real clients and I don’t see why Yelp decided to pick and choose what comments to remove. I think they either should have contacted me and ask me for some proof that they are real clients or contact my clients. I wish I hadn’t opened an account.

  9. Mary

    Yelp and their scams are being EXPOSED in this documentary BILLION DOLLAR BULLY.

    To offer reviews AND paid advertising makes their website show money is their motive.

    THOUSANDS of businesses have and continue to be scammed by them.

    Guess what Yelp, your karma cometh!

  10. liz

    it is very odd that yelp will keep certain reviews on a business name. When they clearly state biased statements towards a business. I have record of all good reviews that were submitted by customers that are very happy. All of them have disappeared. Its clearly not a very good source to use. All they want is for a business to put money towards there ads. This should be against the law and reported to consumer affairs.

  11. suzie

    Hello, I’m inquiring about false yelp reviews and see what we can do to remove them.

  12. Carl Pollitt

    I have taught many students to drive and most of my positive reviews have been deleted. How is this fair, especially when the competitions reviews continue to grow?

  13. christopher eles

    Yelp hurts small Business, they have removed 50% of my reviews. I have a 5-star rating and im sure if i had any bad reviews they would never remove them. Yelp constantly calls my Business to advertise with them and I assured them when they put my removed reviews back up we can talk. they stopped calling. Yelp sucks, ask any business owner!

  14. alan horowitz

    Exactly 2 weeks ago I had 64 yelp reviews-today I have 50. They were moved to being filtered. They are not spammy or anything yet every day 2 or 3 disappear. My competitors reviews have all not been affected. I spoke with customer service and thus far I have only gotten the rehearsed vanilla answers-I do everything by the book, how can 15 reviews in 2 weeks get filtered just like that???

  15. Arie

    Around 40 reviews are removed from my business only this month
    I am wondering if it is anything to do with the fact that I refuse to pay Yelp
    I am loosing faith in this company
    Lucky to have google

  16. John

    We have lost 10 good old reviews in the last month. It happens to coincide with no longer advertising with yelp. We also don’t answer their frequent sales calls. This is clearly a tactic to get us to advertise again. We will focus on google reviews and other advertising as this is probably not a sustainable model for the long run.

  17. mark

    I had about 52 yelp reviews showing for my business and another 40 or so in the “not recommended ” area. And in the last 10 days yelp erased 23 of my reviews and put them to the dark side. WTF ? For no reason at all. I only get about 1 review per month at most so these had all been acceptable for a the last 1.5 years and now suddenly in one week they decide they are all not worthy. I hate them.

  18. Brad

    Just this past month I have lost 13 reviews! I was at 139 and now down to 126! All of my reviews are from real
    Customers and they were good, heartfelt reviews about their experience w my company . I can’t believe and don’t understand Yelp

  19. Richard

    Yelp called me to pay for adds, I said no, now my reviews are being removed. Very bad business. I love Google business!

  20. Ibrahim Kural

    I had 39 ,5 star reviews now down to 15 for no particular reason. I always heard if you do paid advertising and cancel they do this but I never sign up with them, I don’t even talk to them.
    When they call me next time, they will see real me…

  21. Mark F.

    I am in the same boat as all these recent posts. Just in the last 3 weeks yelp is removing all my reviews from the last couple of years. I had in the mid 50’s legitimate reviews over the last 5 years or so and now I’m down to 18 in the last 3 weeks. I do not pay for advertising and am wondering if that is why now.

  22. Garron

    I had 105 reviews all 5 stars. Over the past month I’ve lost 36 now down to 69 and falling. I’ve called Yelp several times and always get the same answer that its just their auto algorithm. My competitors have lost about 10 so I don’t understand why the difference? I’m also a paid advertiser with them. It’s really frustrating…

  23. Andrea

    This same exact thing has happened to me. From November 5 to November 26, 33 of my 5-star reviews were moved from recommended to not recommended. I am a one-person business and don’t get a lot of reviews but many of the hidden reviews had been posted for years. I have never advertised with Yelp and have 91 reviews total, all of which are 5 star and are true, non-solicited reviews. My competitors have not been affected by this at all. While I went from 13% to 47% of my total reviews being hidden over the past several weeks, they still only have about 20-22% of their reviews hidden and as far as I can tell, they don’t advertise with Yelp. It wouldn’t bother me so much if everyone was affected equally, but is very frustrating that this is only affecting my business.

  24. Robert

    Join the crowd! I was as at 192 – 5-star reviews. A month later – 167 with 85 filtered. Now I’m rated at 4.5 stars with less than 4 – 1-star malicious reviews.
    Today I’m canceling my paid advertising. Why would I pay someone to hurt my business. Google business will be the leader in the review category by next year.

  25. Jacob

    Their has to of been something that changed very recently in yelp because in November everyone has been negatively affected. Went from over 150 5star reviews to 83 in just a few weeks. I have 105 unrecomended for my small business…which means I have what like 60% of our reviews unrecommended…lol it’s gettig worse and worse and we have no clue how to stop it. It’s starting to affect our business and we can feel it.

  26. Billy Syms

    I also have gone from 111 to 83 reviews in this time period. Yelp never answers why or explains how this criteria works, more like the algorithm is this Wizard of Oz behind the curtain nonsense. Yelp generates lots of business for me but I do pay monthly and am fustrated why they will not explain why my “Not Reccomended” reviews now out number my competitors real reviews. I’m the best at what I do out here. My reviews are non solicated. Guys like me legitimise Yelp. They don’t seem to be business people.

  27. pedram

    I am in the same boat with most everyone here. I had 53 reviews as a property manager. This was built over a period of over 6 years so was not overnight. Yelp removed exactly 21 of my 5 Star reviews and landed me at 32. I got 2 new reviews in the past 10 days and Yelp took my reviews from 38 to the current 32.
    My nearest competitor whom I was told by a Yelp Advertising Rep is paying about $2000 monthly in Yelp Ads had 2 reviews removed during the same period. So apparently Yelp thinks I am a scammer and have been soliciting to get these reviews (although these reviews were built with hard work over a 6-year period), and my nearest competitor who pays dearly for advertising and have been around the block for 2 years at most, have 30 reviews and they’ve put me at par with them.

    I started paying for advertising by spending $450 a month but I cancelled it immediately as I don’t believe in Yelp any longer, a business who does more damage than it does good. Time to move on to Google…

  28. Dan

    Same thing happened with my business as well. Went from 69 reviews to 23 in the past 2 months (losing about 5 every week). Not surprising that most of these comments have come in the past couple of months, coinciding with Yelp’s stock tanking 30%. Their business model is dying (look at their recent quarterly report) and this seems to be their last attempt at extorting people out of money. I’m a little surprised that people that are paying for ads are also losing reviews (what is Yelp’s strategy here?). Yelp sales reps are some of the most pushy and aggressive people I’ve ever had to deal with. Anybody who’s ever used Yelp ads knows that their advertising platform is non-transparent garbage.

  29. Marc

    Just lost 10% of my 5 star reviews in the last few weeks.

  30. Brad

    My company has lost 35 reviews in 2 months!!!! They even sent our company a thanks you card.People love us on yulp!!! Sure!! We took that down from our wall because it says we have 78 happy customers…. We are down to 50 reviews and 62 filtered. This is wrong!!!!!! What’s going on with this company?

  31. Don Stanley

    I’m in the same boat. I just lost 9 five-star reviews in the last month(half of total reviews). All from what look to be active Yelp users with friends. However, the one-star review from 2011 from someone with no friends/picture/profile still shows up. Not sure what Yelp is trying to pull, but I think my advertising dollars will switch over to Facebook and Google. Yelp is dead to me.

  32. Robert

    I’m a small business that had ten 5 star (valid) reviews that I’ve accumulated over the last year. Yelp has been relentless in trying to get me to buy ads with them. I finally told the rep to stop calling that I could not afford any additional cost at this time and she got pretty testy with me and said I was making a mistake. Just one week later all my reviews are gone. I think that is known as blackmail, pay or we’ll hurt your business.

  33. K.B

    YELP could care less about small business owners. I’m a one woman show and YELP is killing my business, especially in the past month. I went from 69 reviews to now 50. YELP also keeps calling and harassing me to advertise with them. I did in the past and didn’t see any difference. I still pay the $70 to keep my page from other business ads and reviews interfering with mine.
    Last conversation with YELP I pretty much told them that they were crooks and to never call me again. 3 more got taken down after that. I don’t even know what to do anymore? I try not to worry about it, but then I checked today and the numbers went down again. FUCK YELP!

  34. Don Stanley

    Yelp just filtered 7 five star reviews in the last two weeks (of 24 total reviews). These are genuine reviews coming from legit customers, I have seen them in my store! Seems like Yelp favors the corporate stores in the area who advertise with them and are helping them put small stores like mine out of business! I’m speechless..

  35. Bill S

    Same with me I had 5 stars

  36. Vlad

    I am doing hardwood flooring business. I got 8 5-star reviews on Yelp. All from real people, all I can prove if needed, all from different locations. And month my month Yelp keeps deleting my reviews. Now I have none of them. Not 20, 30 or 50 percent missing. I have zero reviews. I am very disappointed. As a small business owner, I feel oppressed, this is isn’t right.

  37. Arie Mich

    More then 70 reviews disappeared from my account every day little by little
    Only 5 star reviews that where legit with customers check ins.
    I do not wish to do business with Yelp at this point I really dont care about this company it feels like bias the whole thing if you dont pay after a while they will make sure that your reviews will disappear
    Google and yahoo are my favorite .

  38. George Morariu

    I see many similar comments on disappearing 5 star reviews but no explanation or resolution. Up to one month ago I had 33 yelp reviews with the majority being 1+ years old…. I now have only 17 recommended. I contacted Yelp who advised the algorithm is applied equally to all businesses. I think there is more to that because when I research the yelpers who dropped out of my page their reviews of other businesses are being displayed. I work extremely hard for my clients and very few go out of their way and take the time to write a review…

    Bottom line… I have 17 reviews recommended by yelp and 17 which are not. 12 of those not recommended on my site are recommended on other businesses. The content of my hidden reviews are comparable to those displayed for other businesses….. How could that be?

  39. Sam

    Same thing happened to me, I’ve lost 50% of my 5 star reviews for my business. I suspect that YELP as a company does not have enough capacity to store incoming reviews so instead of investing in newer technologie$, they came up with a new scheme to dump reviews and blame it on the new algorithm they claim is purging reviews based on the merits which is untrue. I used to spend $1000.00 a month but, I no longer advertise with them and just pay them $75.00 a month just to keep my business on their system. Google is here to stay and YELP will be DUMP.

  40. George Morariu

    Sane here… I posted a comment to this discussion and it is not captured

  41. Shaneela Marlett

    This month I have 7 reviews now and 38 not recommended. Yelp hid 20 of my reviews in the course of a month with no explanation. These are all my clients, most with yelp profiles, multiple reviews and yelp friends.

  42. Steve

    In October 9th 2018 I had 100 and as of today 12/4/18 I have 42

    We also received 10 during this period which means they filtered 78 in less than 2 months.

    1.5 years worth of work down the drain

    Yelp sucks for small business. While they do bring business they also hold your business back. I wish I would have gotten them on google.

  43. GEORGE morariu

    2 months ago I had 33 five star reviews. I now only have 17. Reviews that drop or 5 Star reviews that were on my profile and were four years old. When I look at the reviews I dropped. I can see how algorithm 0 friends or only one or two reviews. that only applies to four of them and not to the remaining 12. the 12 V Star reviews that dropped out are Avid yelpers with multiple friends and reviews. and what is even more concerning is the fact that these yelpers no longer displayed on my business page are displayed on other businesses. When I contact Yelp they tell me it is there algorithm that determines which reviews will be displayed and which will not. They also advise that everyone is treated the same across the board. based on my research this is obviously not the case and there is something that has happened to their algorithm within the last couple of months. I realize that Yelp is a business that needs to generate Revenue and that they are always tweaking things in order to accomplish that for example when someone now request information from a particular business Yelp automatically sends the request to multiple other businesses unless the Yelp notices and excludes them. The only way to avoid this is to pay for advertising so that process can be eliminated for the business owner as well as banner ads. My two cents… I don’t know what leverage business owners may have says we are not paying for Yelp to promote our business

  44. Phillipe

    This is the yelp strategy to get you in their advertising system. Everybody is impacted. Dont ask why some reviews stay and others remove. Their new algoritm is to remove 20-30% of your reviews and yelp expects that you gonna pay their ads in order to save the few reviews left.

    I have invested my time and little money on Google ads since a year. No regret. I got more customers from Google. And guess what? Google insists that you ask review from your customer. I have now more than 100 reviews.

    I used to pay Yelp ads for a one year program. Honestly, i dont think it made a difference. My average customer leads has not changed.

    Google is smarter about showing your profile in their search.

    Yelp is doomed. Mark my words, google is the next yelp.

  45. Aroma Earth


    I just got off the phone with a rep. I have 29 LEGITIMATE reviews.. Only 9 are showing! And like you the ones removed were older already approved reviews! He said they are aware of the issue but that there is nothing they can do about it?!?!?! What a HORRIBLE company!!!! I will NEVER pay for advertising with them! EVER!!

  46. Pissed Off Yelp

    You know what really stinks? Yelp will win because no one has the time or energy to go after them. Plus if you do go after them they will…. win. Karma? Will it matter when most of us will be in bad shape trying to recover. My advice is continue to get google reviews. In the long run Yelp will go away.

  47. Emily

    Absolutely guys. I came here to find answers. In the past month I’ve gone from 77 with 35 not recommended to 49 wirh 64 not recommended. I have lost 27 in one month!!! All non solicited authentic reviews—-some are new and some are old but doesn’t matter. Even ones voted on as “useful” by others are removed. Yelp is absolutely no help —giving me generic answers that “review fluctuation is normal”. This is normal?!?!?! Not when it didn’t happen to me for years. All in November this happened. And it’s not happening to my competitors! Absolute crap and so disappointing.

  48. Kyle

    Has anyone found any solutions to this problem? I went from 28 reviews to 13 in the matter of 3 weeks, with no true explanation from Yelp. All I was told was the software was going through some new updates and there was nothing they could do regardless of the fact that I am also paying them for advertising on a monthly basis.

    I hope someone comes up with a solution to this soon.

  49. Dan Dorosh

    Same boat as all of you guys. Earthborn Landscape Services- went from 43 legitimate reviews down to 28 in 1 month. Extremely disappointing.

  50. Ericson

    Businesses can become the victims. There is zero accountability for someone who posts a review. Imagine if you were accused of having done something wrong and with no need for any evidence, you are found guilty. Not one single work place would allow for employers to stand before the staff and give opinions about individual workers to the rest of the employees. If you want to write a review, make sure you’ve thought critically, that you publish your real name and that there is a consequence for libel if the business can prove that you have damaged their reputation with unfounded accusations.

  51. Clayton

    Yes! They absolutely punish you if you fail to advertise or pay for dirty deeds. They will swear they don’t. We don’t get too many bad reviews and most of those are found at Yelp. I get a phone call from them every time we get a sour review the next day or so. Have told them many times that besides them rigging the order thru software they also delete or remove reviews and I guarantee they are not the good ones. Don’t believe a word they say. They stand behind any bad post regardless of it’s content as long as they don’t cuss and they allow posting of reviews by non-customers with no photo, They make ALL biz owners post their own picture however. Not me, I’ll never put my face on their site. Bad people doing a dirty business

  52. Ashley Nguyen

    I have the same problem. All reviews are real patients and it keeps on decreasing! Yelp is such a cut throat company. They just want your money. So mad!!!

  53. Tony

    In the last 2 months i went from 110 reviews to 81. At one point in the middle of the 2 months i started paying yelp. No contact just me starting a paid add. Well the reviews started to slow down on being filtered. So as a test i stopped my paid add. In a 24 hour period after i stopped paying them i lost 7 reviews in the following 24 hours after stopping my paid add. A friend of mine has 2 adds on yelp one he pays $350 a month for and one he does not pay for. Well in the last 2 months his paid add has only lost 1 review. The add he does not pay for has lost 38 reviews in the same time period. Yelp is a pay to play Company. I called yelp early on when i started to lose my reviews. I was pretty upset and angry. Get this. As im on the phone with yelp being pretty angry at the sales guy. I refreshed my web browser to see i lost another review in the middle of my angry phone call. Yelp is a bullshit Company. At this point i have been on yelp since 2008 and my Company is being hurt from yelps Dishonesty and greed.

  54. Santo

    I also have a same problem, among 88 reviews from our 100% real and loyal customers 78 review are currenlty hidden by yelp. Yelp just want is money, if no money no review. So, why don’t we everybody report this thing and go by law?
    We need to raise our voice to shut down the yelp.

  55. B. N

    They just took great legitimate reviews away from my small business! I stopped paying for ads right away. I’m beyond pist!

  56. J Jarquin

    Funny how almost 35 reviews were removed and i have emails and paper trail of all my clients reviews missing, this doesnt make sense at all .

  57. Mike

    I went down from 105 5-star reviews to 80 in 3 weeks ! What’s funny it just happened after I said No about a month ago to increase my advertising with them from $275 to $500 !! Of course I did call them , cursed them out , they keep telling me same stupid answe , it is the software that got updated, actually 2 days ago , I told the person who answered the phone to shove that soft/hardware up his ass . Very frustrated especially when you see some of your competition not affected. My question is , is this legal in this country ?! Isn’t considered blackmailing ?!

  58. Jeff

    Same problem. Had 141 5 star reviews for my Chicago Limo company. Was running a $75 per month Yelp business page upgrade.

    After I cancelled the $75 monthly waste, sales person started calling. Many calls later (been blocking all the numbers!!), wouldn’t ya know, my reviews started falling off BIG TIME.

    Now they are only showing 78 reviews and hiding 277 of my 5 star reviews since earned from 2010, claiming it’s the algorithm. I’ve been tracking my competition and the ones who are paying are keeping reviews. Go figure!!

    I am mocking Yelp now in my photos that they allow and posting my google reviews iin my photo section with a link.

    My advice, go for Google reviews. Yelp is definetely becoming more irrelevant than ever.

    Google is #1 folks

  59. William

    YEP! our company went from (78) legitimate 5 star reviews down to 53 reviews in less than 30 days. all this after repeated phone calls trying to get me to run another ad campaighn which i did not. if YELP does not stop this bullying they are going to go under. Unethical business practice can only sustain for so long. this is too bad because YELP was our go to source for online advertising and we once held them in such high regard. so sad.

  60. Dan

    The Slimy Founder of Yelp has had his advert sales people calling me for the past 7 years. They are relentless! I’ve never advertised with them. So now all our legit 5 STAR reviews for Tudor Wines in Paso Robles, California are disappearing. We went from 17 being “recommended” to 3 in a matter of weeks.

  61. S

    We were top business in area now we are down 99 5 star reviews out of 200. F yelp

  62. Wayne

    I think I got most if not all ya’ll beat. I went from 22 reviews to 5, then to ZERO! None are even hidden now. Its like starting all over. I at least had 5 at the beginning of the year showing with the rest hidden. Even all of my tips are missing!

  63. Kate H

    Our company is having similar issues as those who’ve recently posted above: Since we are no longer advertising with Yelp (and we have not returned their marketing team’s calls) our positive reviews have been disappearing. We were averaging 1-2 new reviews weekly since the beginning of Summer, and have been watching them disappear to the “Not Recommended” section after being live for about a week or so.

    Some of our clients did create new Yelp accounts so that they could give us a review, and we figured some of them with only 1 review would fall to the “Not Recommend” section, but there are over 5 other recent positive reviews with accounts with 10+ reviews/friends, and there are also disappearing.

    They claim it’s their algorithm but it is looking more and more like punishing people for no longer advertising with them.

  64. Andrei Vologzhanin

    Same here! All of our 15 five stars reviews now are not recommended, they left only one that was 4 star and we have 4 star rating. This is ridiculous. Looks like its their new policy, one of the jerks decided to earn more money from small businesses.
    They keep calling me almost every day now and I had never agreed to use their ads, but was telling them, when we just started, that we are not ready yet. Now, when we grow up a little bit, I still telling them we are not ready to take more customers, so they started to remove our reviews.
    Is there any way to make it public? Let media know? Or simply not use them and use google. No one can guarantee it will not happen with google at some point…

  65. Jay

    I open my business 3 years ago and received 223 reviews all 5 stars with paid advertising now I stop advertising with yelp and now half of my reviews slowing got filter now I’m down to 123 and more keep getting filter every day. I have my suspicions that yelp wants us to pay in order to keep our reviews since they got so popular. Well F*** Them I lost more income by losing reviews so I’m deleting my yelp account and sticking with Google Reviews Only!!!! Hope Yelp gets sued!

  66. Casey

    Same story. So sad. I just expanded my business and felt secure bc we were way beyond our competitors. Twice as many yelp reviews comparatively. We had 98 legit, heartfelt reviews over a 9 year period. In 2 months, we have dropped to 40 reviews and lost a half of a star. Yelp is truely endangering small businesses. This is aweful.