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Remember the restaurant marketing article we posted awhile back about where you can post your menus online? Well, it turns out that one of the companies we listed – online menu management platform Locu – is now going to partner with online reviews aggregator Yelp.

The new partnership will enable Yelp-listed restaurants to distribute and update their menus in real-time through the Locu platform.

This isn’t the first time that Locu, founded in 2011, has partnered with an online review site. In fact, it already has existing partnerships with TripAdvisor, Citysearch, and OpenTable.

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What does this mean for restaurateurs?

The new Yelp-Locu partnership means that Locu can now update and bring its restaurant menus to Yelp in real time – thereby complementing Yelp’s aggregated restaurant reviews and ratings. As one of today’s leading online menu dashboards, Locu also allows restaurateurs to design, update, and manage their menus across various other websites and apps.

It’s not just menus, though. Locu users’ item photos (published along with the menu and price lists) will also appear in their Yelp listings (as published on both the website and the mobile app). This will be added to the various forms of content found in Yelp restaurant listings: last year, the review site began to enable users to compile visual menus that incorporate not only reviews, but also user-generated food photos.

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“Integrating Locu’s up-to-date menus and price lists on Yelp business profile pages will help ensure consumers have access to even more information about great local businesses,” said Mike Ghaffary, Yelp Vice President of Business Development. “With Locu’s menus on Yelp, consumers can not only find a great restaurant on Yelp, they can actually plan their meal before they arrive.”

Added Locu CEO Rene Reinsberg: “We want to help our customers get discovered by as many potential consumers as possible. Our partnership with Yelp will help serve the needs of our restaurant customers as well as our growing numbers of customers in other local business verticals.”

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