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Last month, we talked about how travel reviews site TripAdvisor was hoping to enrich its user experience by completing a series of acquisitions. One of these involved European restaurant reservation service LaFourchette, which is headquartered in Paris and has a strong network of restaurants in France, Spain, and Switzerland.

We’re now seeing how the LaFourchette deal is being integrated with TripAdvisor. According to a report from Skift, the travel reviews site has, in the last couple of weeks, begun to offer users the ability to reserve tables directly from the TripAdvisor pages of some 12,000 restaurants.

This could mean that OpenTable and Yelp – both of which also offer online restaurant reservation features – might soon be joined by a third rival… at least in Europe.

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Dennis Schaal of Skift wrote, “With TripAdvisor’s push to give users more options about tours and activities when they are traveling, restaurant reservations represents a deepening of these options for both locals and travelers alike.”

“LaFourchette has a larger market presence than OpenTable in international markets, having 12,000 restaurant partners,” added Brian Nichols of the Motley Fool. “For TripAdvisor such a move makes sense. This is a company that’s in the business of improving the quality of its customer’s vacation, so what better way than making reservations for tourists simpler? For online travel companies, international markets are both competitive and important as a growth driver. This move gives TripAdvisor an edge.”

The question is, how does this affect business owners? Well, TripAdvisor’s new reservations capability means that, apart from hoteliers and hospitality execs, restaurateurs must also keep an eye on – and manage – their business pages on the site. After all, in an age when online reputation can significantly affect business performance, your TripAdvisor reviews and ratings could determine the amount of users clicking on that “Find a table” option. Good reviews and high ratings can drive more traffic, while negative reviews and low ratings can scare people away.

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  1. Arnoldi

    I just love that “Find a Table” option. it saves me a lot of time. When I am reviewing some place and they have a restaurant, I am always checking for reviews. If I find the place that matches my taste I would call the place and make a reservation. Now I can do that with a single click and that is awesome.