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Monitor patient reviews.
Use patient feedback to drive growth.

ReviewTrackers helps hospitals and patient care providers manage online reviews, gain insight into the patient experience, and take action based on feedback data.

Why reviews? By actively participating in review collection and monitoring, hospitals can:

  • Collect better feedback and connect with patients in the channels that matter to them.
  • Focus on the patient experience.
  • Carefully monitor communication and HIPAA compliance.

Beyond HCAHPS: Online reviews fill in the gaps

65 percent of consumers consider online reviews influential when searching for a new local physician. While HCAHPS scores are crucial for hospital reputation management, online reviews are an influential research tool for new patients.

When choosing local physicians, consumers rate online reviews as 7 times more influential than TV or social media.


A half-star increase on third-party review platforms leads to a 10 percent increase in likelihood that an appointment is filled.

Digitizing Doctor Demand

Physicians with a greater number of reviews have a higher likelihood of filling appointments.

Digitizing Doctor Demand

Monitor the patient experience

What patients think: 81 percent of healthcare consumers are dissatisfied with their patient experience. (The State of Consumer Healthcare: A Study of Patient Experience)

What providers think: 65 percent of providers believe they put a strong emphasis on attracting and retaining patients. (How We View Healthcare in America: Consumer and Provider Perspectives)

Online reviews and patient feedback provide a better understanding of the most effective and successful hospital and physician practices — and also act as a guide for future patient programs.

“With ReviewTrackers, we can get granular insights and a snapshot of what the overall sentiment is for all of our reviews. So we get an overall star rating for a particular medical group or a particular doctor.” Robert Prieto, web marketing manager, Miami Children’s Health System

Patient sentiment in ReviewTrackers helps shape organizational strategies and provides insights and information essential to smarter, more effective patient acquisition.

Learn how Nicklaus Children’s Hospital succeeds with patient engagement.

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HIPAA Compliance and Online Reviews

By taking an active role in their online reviews, hospitals like Nicklaus Children’s are able to take discussion offline to make sure a patient’s medical information is protected. Effective online review management also allows for healthcare organizations to improve and protect their brand reputation.

We have carefully drafted responses that we post whenever the site allows for a response. These responses never ask for any PHI but rather are crafted to let the reviewer know we are aware of the comment and we encourage him or her to contact us directly. The response provides a phone number. The idea being not to address the comment directly online, but to provide the reviewer an avenue to directly communicate with us."

Saran Zamora
Marketing Coordinator, Miami Children's Health System

Success Story: Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin uses ReviewTrackers to gain insights to meet standards of care and take action based on feedback data and customer sentiment. With ReviewTrackers as the healthcare organization’s choice of customer feedback management software, Froedtert can analyze customer feedback and respond to customers, fast.

Froedtert Health has collected more than 1,500 reviews with the help of ReviewTrackers. Download the case study

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