May 15, 2023

A Quick Guide for Reputation Management Resellers

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Are you wondering if you should become a reputation management reseller? The most common definition of a reputation management reseller is a company that provides or offers services to clients that focus on improving the client’s online reputation, which can help with better customer acquisition and retention. And for you, the reseller, offering these services will help with your own client acquisition and retention! 

Still on the fence? No worries. We have outlined questions that will help you decide whether or not you should be a reputation management reseller and, if so, what pieces of reputation management software you should be pitching to win clients over. Let’s dive in!

Should You Be A Reputation Management Reseller?

Let’s start with the obvious: should you be a reputation management reseller? The answer to that question will depend on your clients needs. It will also be useful to ask your client questions that might make the need for reputation management clear. 

Some questions you can ask your clients are: 

  • Have you experienced a recent loss of customers?
  • Do you receive lots of negative reviews?
  • Have you considered who your online audience is?
  • Are you aware of your current online reputation?

These questions are a great starting point to begin a discussion about reputation management with your clients. They might not even realize their need for your services until you start this conversation. Diving into the specifics of your client’s business can put you in a great position to offer reputation management services!


Positioning for Reputation Management Resellers

If you’ve decided to become a reputation management reseller, then you might be wondering “How do I position myself?” Pain points may be different for every client, and there are so many features to get caught up in when deciding which specific services to offer. However, there are some common reputation pain points that are prevalent across industries. We’ve outlined some features that can be useful to any reputation management reseller, no matter what industry their clients are in.

Comprehensive Review Management

Customer review findings show that 92% of consumers use reviews to guide their ordinary purchasing decisions. In addition, 53% of consumers say ratings and reviews are the most important factors in the shopping experience! Consumers are relying on reviews now more than ever, so if a client isn’t monitoring them then their reputation will suffer.

Customer reviews are critical to the success of your online reputation. It’s important to have them, but it is also important to use them to address concerns, thank happy customers, and continue to gather feedback. 

Fortunately, ReviewTrackers’ reputation management software can be a powerful solution. The ReviewTrackers platform puts reviews from all sources in one central platform for easy access and management. The platform also shows you how to respond to negative reviews by giving you access to response templates or allowing you to create custom responses. And if that sounds like too much for one person, you also have the ability to add as many users as needed to delegate and prioritize feedback that needs attention.  

But, this platform is so much more than being able to respond to feedback from popular review sites. The Ask Tool allows you to easily reach hundreds of customers after their purchase via email or SMS. You can even analyze reviews for trending keywords and sentiment to accurately gauge the customer experience using customer experience analytics features. 

Powerful Listing Management

In order for a business to have any credibility, they need to have a firm foundation in the form of listings on popular sites like Google, Yelp, or Tripadvisor. Listings are important because they help verify the brand’s authenticity online and give consumers a direct source to valuable information such as the company website, contact information, and a physical address to visit. 

These listings also give consumers an easy place to access reviews, and seeing the customer review data that shows 63% of consumers check reviews on Google before visiting a business, easy access to reviews is crucial to getting customers in the door. Updated and accurate local listings also help with local SEO, which can help clients further stand out from consumers and show up higher on search results against the competition. 

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to reputation management. Thankfully, ReviewTrackers can help manage those listings by offering the ability to make bulk updates which can free up valuable time and resources for teams to focus on other opportunities!

High Level Competitor Monitoring

Keeping an eye on local rivals is key to your business succeeding. If you can tell how consumers perceive them, then you can make changes to your own marketing strategy to better suit unhappy customers, bring them to your brand, and make them lifetime customers. By using competitor knowledge to influence your own marketing strategy, you’ll be bringing in new customers and your competition will be losing customers. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

Wondering where to get started when it comes to competitor marketing? ReviewTrackers’ competitor analysis feature makes monitoring those competitors a breeze. ReviewTrackers can put you in the driver’s seat and let you see the competition’s online reputation from their point of view. You can use knowledge to get an idea of their pain points and create campaigns, products, or operational changes that take advantage of those weaknesses and bring consumers to you.

Being a Reputation Management Reseller Going Forward

Being a reputation management reseller goes beyond simply expanding your range of services; it presents an opportunity to cultivate long-term customer relationships. Whether you choose to effectively manage their reputation or offer it as a service, this endeavor can significantly enhance your brand’s value in the market. By staying updated on the latest reputation trends and consistently providing valuable insights, you position yourself as a go-to resource for both new and existing customers, ensuring your relevance and maintaining a strong presence in their minds.

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