March 31, 2023

Performance Score: Benchmark Your Brand and Business Location Performance

With the all-new Performance Score, online reputation management software ReviewTrackers is empowering brands to better understand the performance of their business locations based on data from online reviews, local listings, and customer feedback.

What is Performance Score?

ReviewTrackers’ Performance Score uses data from a brand’s ReviewTrackers account to help teams determine a course of action for improvements.

Users can think of the Performance Score like a credit score. Scores are used as a benchmark to help teams easily understand the performance of their business locations. The details that go into calculating the Performance Score also help take the guesswork out of an organization’s reputation management strategy — by providing actionable insights on how to foster and accelerate operational improvements to their business. 

Remember: your customers are the ones who drive your reputation. A high Performance Score points to a healthy brand reputation. Lower scores, on the other hand, can cause growth stagnation and revenue loss. 

How ReviewTrackers Calculates Your Performance Score

ReviewTrackers’ Performance Score Calculator is based on business locations’ performance across the top social media and business review sites, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. 

Scores are generated by a proprietary algorithm built into ReviewTrackers’ reputation management software and serve as an accurate indicator of your brand’s online reputation across various business review sites.

The Performance Score takes into account the user-generated content that shows up in search results when consumers search for your brand, as well as what customers publicly say in their online reviews and ratings of your business.

Scores are based on a 5-point scale. A score is calculated based on a set of core metrics related to your business location’s review performance and digital presence. These metrics include:

  • Average rating: average star rating, based on a 5-point scale, across all or the selected review sites.
  • Total review volume: quantity of reviews posted on all or the selected review sites.
  • Response rate and efficiency: the rate at which your business location responds to reviews on all or the selected review sites (measured in percentage).
  • Average Response Time: the average time it takes for your business location to respond to reviews on all or the selected review sites (measured in the number of days).
  • Listing photos: the average number of owner photos posted on your local listings, which enhance your brand’s visual presence.
  • Listings in sync: the percentage of fields on your local listings that are in sync (this affects how your business ranks in local search results and impacts how potential customers find your business). 

Weighting is based on the decision-making factors (and their level of importance) that your prospects would likely consider when evaluating whether or not to visit your business location.

Additionally, ReviewTrackers takes into account industry benchmarks when calculating your business locations’ Performance Scores. Specifically, the average rating and review volume are normalized based on your industry. 

How to Check Your Performance Score

ReviewTrackers users can access their Performance Scores by clicking the Location Performance tab on the left side of their screen, under the Business Performance dashboard. 

You will see your top 10 performing locations ranked by Performance Score on your dashboard for a quick look at which places are at the top of the chart.

To view how your current Performance Scores compare to data from previous periods, simply toggle the button above the table on the right side. Scores are calculated in real-time based on the filters you apply.

To see how your Performance Scores are calculated, click on the Info tip.

Additionally, users will see the aggregate Performance Score of the locations selected for the given date range. Clicking the score will bring you to the location’s performance detail page, where all filters will be carried over. 

Performance Score: Act On Brand- and Location-Level Insights 

Your Performance Score is more than a badge of honor to wear at your next all-hands meeting. It is a valuable source of insights into your brand reputation, as well as into how your business locations are doing. 

Whether you’re managing a small business or an enterprise-level organization with hundreds of business locations, Performance Score by ReviewTrackers should help your team better understand the reputational performance of aggregate as well as individual business locations. 

The key is to track your scores over time, resolve high-impact issues that may be affecting the performance of specific locations, and leverage the data with which scores are calculated in order to improve customer experiences.

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