May 23, 2023

Why Offering Reputation Management Improves Your Marketing Agency Valuation

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In an industry as competitive as agencies, a high marketing agency valuation goes a long way. When you achieve a high valuation you’ll bring in more clients, and prove yourself as a thought leader in the industry. In order to achieve that acclaimed high evaluation, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. One way to do this is by offering more versatility. As a matter of fact, offering more versatility is the first step in bringing in more agency revenue

To achieve a more versatile offering, your marketing agency should be offering reputation management software. Offering this software is an organic step for any successful agency to take because it aids in customer acquisition, but also gives you a powerful suite that can elevate any brand’s online presence. 

Specifically, reputation management software offers the following services that can further add value to your marketing agency:

  • Listing Management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Review Management and Analysis

These services are robust, powerful tools that will help you improve your marketing agency valuation. Curious on what exactly these tools mean and how they will help you? Let’s dive in!

How Listing Management Helps Your Marketing Agency Valuation

Did you know that, according to customer review data, 63% of consumers check reviews on Google before visiting a brand and 97% of people make a purchase after visiting Yelp? When reviews are influencing consumers that much, it’s clear that you need to be doing more than just having online listings, you need to be actively managing and monitoring them. By doing so, you’ll eliminate some of the costly friction during the research stage. Some listings even allow consumers to ask questions directly to the brand, which will give your clients an early opportunity to engage with them and get them to convert! 

Reputation management software, such as ReviewTrackers, offers valuable assistance to clients in terms of local listing management. By consolidating all of a company’s listings into a centralized location, it simplifies the process of managing these listings effectively. With ReviewTrackers, you or your clients can make crucial changes to listing information, enhancing the ease with which consumers can make informed purchasing decisions while establishing trust and authenticity for the brand. 

This software also aids in local SEO efforts by ensuring that clients have updated and accurate listings. This advantage enables them to outshine competitors in search results, positioning them as the preferred choice for potential customers.


How Competitor Analysis Can Boost Your Marketing Agency Valuation 

Reputation management goes beyond solely focusing on your client’s reputation—it also involves monitoring their competition. Through reputation management monitoring, you can achieve key objectives. 

Specifically, you gain a glimpse into your rival’s customer experience by analyzing recent consumer reviews and review sentiment. This valuable information not only provides insights into your competitor’s reputation but also serves as a basis for fueling new campaigns that effectively target their customers. 

This level of insight is made possible through ReviewTrackers’ competitor analysis, which utilizes natural language processing to uncover sentiment analysis and trending keywords from your competitor’s online reviews. By keeping a watchful eye on your rival’s reputation and leveraging data-driven strategies, you can boost your own client’s reputation, resulting in a substantial benefit that increases your marketing agency valuation.

The Effect of Review Management and Analysis on a Marketing Agency’s Valuation

If you’re not aware of the importance of online reviews in the increasingly digital world, here’s a customer review stat that can underline its importance: over 90% of consumers use online reviews to guide their purchasing decisions. It’s clear that online reviews are worth their weight in gold, and any brand not actively managing or analyzing them will get left behind, if they aren’t already. 

Luckily, review management and analysis is the bedrock of the ReviewTrackers platform. This powerful tool allows users to access and analyze their entire collection of reviews from various sources, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. By default, this provides a valuable glimpse into the current state of the customer experience, not only for the company as a whole but also for each individual location. 

Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Believe it or not, it doesn’t stop there. Customer experience analytics takes it a step further. With the help of natural language processing, your agency can delve deeper into review insights, including overall sentiment and trending keywords. These insights unveil successful campaigns or hidden pain points that can shape your strategy. 

By leveraging these data-based findings, you can effectively pitch tailored solutions to your clients, fostering more success for their business. This approach not only enhances the marketing agency valuation but also establishes a strong foundation for long-term client relationships.

Your Marketing Agency Valuation Going Forward 

The utilization of ReviewTrackers software has the potential to significantly increase the valuation of a marketing agency. The ease of pitching the software is just the beginning, as the platform itself is user-friendly and offers unlimited seats, simplifying the management of all aspects of a client’s reputation. 

With ReviewTrackers, the agency can attract more clients and ensure long-term retention. The ability to build or enhance a client’s reputation becomes a compelling selling point for any marketing agency. By leveraging the power of ReviewTrackers software, agencies can effectively elevate their value proposition and position themselves as trusted partners in driving client success.

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