May 16, 2023

Want to Bring In More Agency Revenue? Try Reputation Software

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The constant goal of bringing in more agency revenue can be a challenge. Clients want solutions that will help them succeed and agencies need to always have a viable product or service that delivers on that value.

Findings from Statista show that the revenues of U.S. advertising and marketing agencies across multiple industries grew by 13.5% compared to 2020. To continue that rise in revenue, reputation management software can be the key to bringing in more agency revenue.

How Reputation Management Brings In More Agency Value

Reputation management can be a major asset for agencies looking to get more revenue from their clients. Simply put, it opens a door for more opportunities for your agency to help grow the client’s brand, which leads to better customer acquisition and retention. The three must-have traits for any reputation management software below are a great way to position your agency’s value and revenue in the long run.


Bringing In More Agency Revenue with Powerful Review Management

The right software gathers reviews from multiple sources into a single platform, making it easy to see the bigger picture of the current state of the customer experience. Customer reviews stats show that 76% of reviews are now on Google or Facebook and 92% of consumers use reviews to guide their ordinary purchase decisions.

This type of review insight is valuable because it provides an authentic look into the state of the brand from the consumer perspective. At a base level, the current rating and recent sentiment of reviews across different sources provides a clear picture into the experience.

However to discover true pain points, other lingering issues, and even notable interactions that made customers happy. The right reputation software also contains in-depth analysis. ReviewTrackers’ customer experience analytics uses natural language processing to find trending keywords and sentiment analysis across all of your reviews to give you accurate, actionable data that can be used to improve the customer experience and internal operations simultaneously.

Giving clients the ability to accurately monitor and analyze their own customer reviews can pave the way for better operations to the point where they might even ask you to handle their day-to-day reputation operation, which further increases your value and overall revenue line.

Bringing In More Agency Revenue with Detailed Competitor Monitoring

Your clients also need to know how their competitors are preforming in order to better acquire customers and differentiate themselves in a way that makes them the best choice for the consumers. 

Reputation management software that contains competitor analysis can easily tackle this need. Specifically, looking at local, national, and global rivals from a reputation management lens can reveal powerful insights. For instance, a competing brand down the street might have trending keywords and a recent wave of reviews with negative sentiment. The right competitor analysis software will note that trend, giving your team a chance to react and create a strategy that points out your competitor’s weakness while also luring their competitors to your brand.

Aside from reviews, your client can also use the software to see how they rank against competitors from a local SEO perspective. Optimizing a brand’s online listing brings benefits such as a higher rank in search results, which is vital to customer acquisition efforts. 

Having the right software doesn’t just tell a client where they are compared to rivals; it also provides next steps to improve online performance and insights into customer sentiment, both of which are vital to long-term success.

Bringing in More Agency Revenue with Effective Acquisition and Retention Tactics 

ReviewTrackers’ reputation management software doesn’t just provide insights; it also has tools that allow for more effective customer acquisition and retention efforts.

In terms of acquisition, ReviewTrackers’ customer experience analytics will be a valuable asset. Thanks to natural language processing technology, your client can get valuable insights about trending keywords and sentiment analysis from a vast collection of their reviews. This data not only shows the current state of the customer experience but also shows indicators that the brand is doing well or is having issues. 

For retention, the Ask Tool is a simple, yet powerful feature for requesting reviews. Through email or SMS, your team or the client can use the Ask Tool to send review requests with a link where the customer can leave a review. Furthermore, this process can be enhanced with custom templates and bulk requests, making the review request task even easier and opening the door for repeat customers who had a great experience. To ensure a higher chance of retaining customers, it’s also important to emphasize responding to reviews as well. Learning how to respond to negative reviews or utilizing positive review response examples can go a long way to keeping a customer.

With just 2 features, ReviewTrackers can elevate brand interaction online. These powerful tools are simple to use and can open the door to better customer relations that can differentiate a brand.

Bringing In More Agency Revenue with ReviewTrackers

Agencies should look no further than ReviewTrackers as the sole solution for client reputation management needs. WIth its suite of powerful, easy-to-use features, any agency can show it in action, convince clients, and increase its value and revenue in the process.

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