February 5, 2020

4 Local Citation Software Tools To Help Improve Your Local Search Ranking

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The use of local citation software is vital to your rankings in local search results because it boosts your brand’s placement, which can help attract more potential customers.

A typical citation provides the Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) of your business. Other elements of a citation can include: operating hours, category, driving directions, business description, payment forms accepted, and other tags.

Google and other search engines view this packet of information as one of the major contributors to determining your business’s authority, online and offline prominence, and relevance.

Having the right citations are a vital foundation to any local SEO strategy. Every consistent and accurate citation across the Web benefits the brand local search rankings, but ensuring every single online entry of your business can take up valuable time. To combat this pain point we compiled a quick list of local citation software tools to help you easily spot citation inconsistencies and improve your online rank.

Local Citation Software Tools To Check Out

  • ReviewTrackers
  • Moz Local
  • Whitespark
  • HOTH Local


The bread and butter of the ReviewTrackers platform is the ability to monitor and respond to reviews as well as generate and derive valuable insights from feedback received on multiple review sites. ReviewTrackers can also help your local business SEO by managing your listings within the platform, which is an a la carte option to any of the four packages we offer. By combining local listings features with a review management, ReviewTrackers is one of the more powerful platforms available for maintaining and improving your online reputation.

The Lite package lets you aggregate and manage your reviews through our dashboard. We also offer analytics, review alerts, and a mobile version of the platform.

You can enhance your local listings with the well-known Net Promoter Score in our Starter Package, which also includes the ability to send review requests and automated responses to customer feedback.

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Once your local listings are updated and correct you can then get a closer look at your rivals with in-depth reports, which are available in the Essential package. In addition to having a dedicated customer success manager, this tier also provides users with keyword and sentiment analysis for reviews as well as review widgets, which you can customize and easily install on your website.

To get the best local citation software around, you can opt for our Platinum package, which includes API access, increased security, and custom reports. You also get all of the features that come with the previous tiers.

Pricing for each package depends on a number of factors including the number of locations for any business.


Moz Local

With Moz, you enter your business’ information through the dashboard, which is then pushed out to multiple distribution partners including Google, Bing, Apple Maps, and Foursquare.

Three plans are available, starting at $129 a year per location (up to 100 locations). The major differences between each plan include the ability to post on social media, aggregator submissions, and review monitoring capabilities. All plans include the ability to manage profile listings in real time and automate the removal of duplicate and inaccurate listings.

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The Canadian-based company is all about helping businesses on the local level. Its Local Citation Finder allows you to search for targeted keywords, find higher-ranking competitors, and opportunities to add more citations.

Pricing works differently for Whitespark because of the different services available. If you want to build citations across general/national directories, you’ll have to pay $4 per citation. Local citations, on the other hand, will cost $5, and are published on “city level local directories or directories specific to your industry.”

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HOTH Local

HOTH Local takes a more strategic approach to your citations. After a full citation audit, HOTH will then build citations with one of three strategies, which are based on your market and niche area.

HOTH can also add “rich media citations” by creating videos and publishing provided photos for your business. HOTH can also submit citations on social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

A $49 Business Listings Audit plan is available, which will find NAP variations and existing citations that are correct, incorrect, or listed on aggregator sites. A full citation cleanup, which also includes fixed citations and a detailed report, will cost you $399.

Local Citation Software Tools: A Must-Have Solution For Your Business

Ensuring that your citations are uniform and complete across search engines, business directories, social media platforms, review websites, and data aggregators is crucial in maintaining a strong local search presence.

The complexity of SEO and listings management makes local citation software a necessity for any business. Without these solutions, potential customers will have a difficult time finding your business online. These are missed opportunities, which you can easily rectify by utilizing one of the tools above to strengthen your online presence.

Attract and retain loyal customers and grow your business.

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