January 21, 2020

A Guide to HomeAdvisor for Business

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Contractors and home professionals can grow their online presence and connect with homeowners by using HomeAdvisor for their business.

The website, which has a community of more than 30 million homeowners, brings highly targeted prospects to all types of home improvement and service professionals from architects, builders, and engineers to remodelers, carpenters, and plumbers. 

HomeAdvisor’s directory of home professionals also includes online reviews and ratings posted by users. If you’re listed on HomeAdvisor, managing your reviews is a must for building your business reputation and attracting new customers.

To use HomeAdvisor for businesses, you’ll have to sign up to use HomeAdvisor Pro, which is mainly a lead generation platform. Before we go into detail about what HomeAdvisor Pro can do for your business, let’s first check out how exactly HomeAdvisor works. 

What is HomeAdvisor?

Formerly called ServiceMagic, HomeAdvisor is a digital marketplace that provides homeowners the tools and resources they need to complete their home improvement, maintenance, and repair projects. 

With HomeAdvisor, homeowners can view average project costs, find local prescreened home professionals, and instantly book appointments online. They can browse the HomeAdvisor directory and search for professionals by location or by category. Users can also use the search box on HomeAdvisor’s homepage to find professionals for any home project.

How Does HomeAdvisor Work?

Once a homeowner has selected a project category that matches their home repair or improvement need, they are asked to answer a few important questions and provide a little more detail on the project.

Based on the homeowner’s answers, HomeAdvisor will send them information with up to four pre-screened professionals that provide the specific service they’re looking for. As soon as the request is processed, these professionals can contact the homeowner to discuss the project, or the homeowner can contact the matching pros at their convenience. Homeowners can also request quotes and project cost information from the matching professionals for free.

Ratings and Reviews on HomeAdvisor

Ratings and reviews on HomeAdvisor help the website keep track of the quality of service provided by its community of member professionals. Just like in other websites, reviews on HomeAdvisor also help consumers — the homeowners, in this case — make educated decisions for their home projects. 

Whenever homeowners place and complete a request with HomeAdvisor, they will be asked to review their service professionals. Here is an example of a rating and review on HomeAdvisor:

Using HomeAdvisor for Business

If you’re a contractor or home professional, we highly recommend signing up or claiming your listing on various business review websites in addition to using HomeAdvisor for business. 

This allows you to solidify your online presence outside of HomeAdvisor and gain greater control over your business name and brand. 

How to Claim Your HomeAdvisor Profile

Create or claim your free profile on HomeAdvisor by visiting the website’s directory of professionals, then entering your business name or phone number.

Claiming your profile page confirms that your contact information as displayed on HomeAdvisor is correct, and it also allows you to enter additional details about your business for homeowners to review. 

What You Can Do with HomeAdvisor Pro

Meanwhile, if you’re willing to spend on lead generation in order to attract highly targeted prospects in your service area, you can use HomeAdvisor Pro to keep your job pipeline full at a fair price.

Visit this page to sign up for HomeAdvisor Pro, then fill out the form with your location and business information.

Keep in mind that HomeAdvisor has an extensive contractor screening process, which is performed every two years after successful entry into HomeAdvisor’s professional network. Also, if you’re a franchisee, dealer, or employee of a larger national or “Corporate” account, HomeAdvisor may match you with the Corporate account or with one of their Corporate service professionals. 

Using HomeAdvisor for business does not provide or guarantee jobs. Instead, you will be charged for each lead you receive. 

How much do these leads cost? It depends. The price of service requests varies based on type and location. When you sign up for HomeAdvisor Pro, you can log in and see the current price of leads for the tasks and areas for which you are profiled. 

The settings in HomeAdvisor Pro allow you to control your budget, lead preferences, and spend targets. You will also have the opportunity to pick your service types, location preferences, and availability.  

To help you manage your leads, HomeAdvisor Pro offers a system that lets you categorize and organize your leads, set and change lead status, keep track of communications, and contact prospects via phone or email. 

You can also use your HomeAdvisor business account to view your online reviews and ratings, submit your comments and responses to reviews, and see your customer ratings score. 

If you’re not sure what to write after receiving a rating or review on HomeAdvisor, you can use these examples of how to address feedback, especially when the time comes to learn how to respond to negative reviews. Remember: how you respond to reviews can affect your business reputation as much as, if not more than, what customers said in the first place. 

Final Thoughts on Using HomeAdvisor for Business

HomeAdvisor specializes in connecting businesses with highly targeted homeowners with specific needs, and it can be a valuable tool for contractors and home professionals. 

Its collection of online reviews and ratings offers useful information to homeowners, and can also boost the online presence and business reputation of listed home professionals. If you’re looking to expand your business and generate leads, HomeAdvisor Pro is well worth trying. Just make sure you’re utilizing the platform to manage your leads effectively, respond to online reviews and ratings, and support your overall marketing strategy.

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