Half of Consumers in America Don’t Trust Advertising

April 29, 2014

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Today’s consumers just don’t trust advertisements any more. At least not as much as they do fellow consumers’ personal recommendations.

According to a newly released research study by research and consulting firm YouGov, as much as 50 percent of US consumers do not trust what they see, read, and hear in advertisements. 44 percent even go so far as to assert that ads are dishonest.

The study also points out that ads from certain business categories are more likely to not be trusted by consumers. For example: ads about diet products, financial services and insurance, pharmaceuticals, cars, and cosmetics and beauty products have been deemed the least trustworthy by YouGov’s survey respondents.

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On the other hand, ads for clothing stores, electronics and household appliances, and casual dining restaurants are among the most trusted.

In a world where trust translates into action, business owners and marketers are finding it more challenging to instill consumer trust through traditional advertising and marketing efforts. Personal recommendations and online media like social networks and user-generated reviews are more likely to influence the decisions of consumers. In fact, in a separate study, also by YouGov, nearly 8 out of 10 US consumers said that they checked online reviews before purchasing a product or service; 26 percent – or approximately one out of four – made sure they checked reviews every time they were about to make a buying decision.

Half of Consumers in America Don’t Trust Advertising

A similar study done last year by Forrester Research indicated that US consumers trust online reviews more than they do advertisements and direct marketing messages. Only 43 percent trust promotional messages and results that appear on search engine results pages, while 70 percent trust brand recommendations and reviews from friends and family.

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