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TripAdvisor is considered one of today’s biggest travel sites, and every day, tens of thousands of consumers visit the site to find useful information that will influence their purchase decisions.

Smart marketers and business owners know how powerful a platform TripAdvisor can be – especially if they optimize their listings, engage with site users, and maximize all the features that TripAdvisor offers to businesses.

Looking for ways to shape your TripAdvisor strategy and attract new customers?

We’re here to help. Check out this list of 12 signs that your TripAdvisor listing is on point. We hope you find the information helpful; at the very least, the list can help you identify certain areas where you’re performing really well, and which ones might offer an opportunity to improve.

(Meanwhile, if you’re working in the hospitality industry and just getting started with claiming your business listings on major review sites, you might want to read this list first.)

12 Signs that Your TripAdvisor Listing is On Point

1: You won a Travelers’ Choice Award.


You’re in a good place when you’ve been given a Travelers’ Choice Award, which TripAdvisor hands out once a year. This means that you’re among the cream of the crop, and you’ve been listed as one of the best in your business category – in the country, in your continent or region, or in the world.

2: You have a Certificate of Excellence.


Another stamp of approval that TripAdvisor gives every year is the Certificate of Excellence. This is awarded to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers.

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3: Your name, address, phone number, and business info are correct and complete.


One of the most important aspects of managing your TripAdvisor profile is getting your business info right. Did you know that wrong local data costs US businesses $10.3 billion worth of potential annual sales?

So: be as detailed as possible. Don’t stop at having the correct name, address, and phone number; include additional information that potential customers will find useful, like amenities list, services offered, price range, reservation options, number of available rooms and seats, what-have-you.

4: You have great photos on your TripAdvisor page.


A picture paints a thousand words and drives customer engagement. Research by TripAdvisor confirms that. According to the review site, business listings or pages hotels and properties with at least one photo receive 225 percent more booking inquiries than those with no photos. If your page features more than 100 photos, you can receive as much as 238 percent more booking inquiries.

5: The map on your page shows your correct business location.


Your TripAdvisor listing should come with a map (on the right side) that shows your exact business location. But double-check and see to it that the dropped pin is where exactly you’re located. This helps your TripAdvisor-using potential customers to find your business more easily.

6: You enjoy a high TripAdvisor ranking.


A high ranking enables you to gain more visibility in TripAdvisor search results – and gives you an edge over competitors in the same business category and in the same location.

If you notice that your TripAdvisor ranking is dropping, spend some time investigating what’s wrong – and do what’s needed to fix it. Here’s a little guide to help you do just that.

7: Your review game is on point.


For consumers, online reviews can spell the difference between “Okay, I have to go there” and “There’s no way I’m stepping foot in that place.” Good reviews help you build a 5-star reputation, while bad reviews literally scare customers away.

The quantity and quality of reviews, traveler ratings, freshness of reviews (which ones are labeled as “new”?), and the contribution level / badge level of your reviewers also count as among the major factors that determine your TripAdvisor ranking, as well as whether or not you qualify for a Certificate of Excellence or Travelers’ Choice Award.

PRO TIP: If you’re in the restaurant industry, pay extra attention to your overall rating on TripAdvisor, which is based on a 5-point scale. According to ReviewTrackers research, as much as 1 in 3 diners wouldn’t choose to eat in a restaurant with an overall rating that’s below 4 on a scale of 1 to 5.

8: You’re diligent when it comes to responding to reviews.


Your approach to review management should be proactive. That means regularly tracking your reviews, managing customer feedback, and responding to reviews. According to TripAdvisor, business owners that respond to reviews enjoy 17 percent higher engagement levels and are 21 percent more likely to receive a booking inquiry than those who don’t respond to reviews.

In simpler terms: TripAdvisor users love seeing business listings with professionally written management responses, because it makes them feel that the business really cares about and values the feedback they get from customers.

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9: Your TripAdvisor listing is extra green.


In today’s age when consumers are more environmentally conscious, it helps to offer choices that demonstrate your business’ commitment to the environment.

If you successfully qualify for TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program, your business shows up as part of TripAdvisor users’ GreenLeaders search function. You also have a unique opportunity to showcase your excellent environmental practices and receive a TripAdvisor GreenLeaders badge and framed certificate.

10: You’re featured in a TripAdvisor guide.


TripAdvisor is more than a collection of user-generated reviews and ratings; the site offers expert picks, too, typically written by professional critics or city specialists or selected as among the community’s favorites. Getting featured in an exclusive guide can definitely boost your visibility – and you get a neat “Featured In” badge on your listing, too.

11: You put up special offers and announcements.


TripAdvisor has a search category for businesses that have special offers and announcements. Take advantage! It’s a great way to attract more prospects, drive sales, and make way for pleasant surprises that could become the highlights of your customers’ experience.

12: You’re active in the Q&A section.


TripAdvisor has a fairly new Questions and Answers feature that’s integrated with your business listing. Sometimes, users who are familiar with your business can answer fellow users’ questions for you, but this doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels.

Being responsive in the Q&A section as a property representative is one of the best ways to establish your expertise and authority on TripAdvisor. It also offers a terrific opportunity to engage with travelers before they even make a purchase decision.

Is your TripAdvisor listing on point? If you’re looking for more ways to improve your performance on the popular review site, check out these 8 terrific TripAdvisor tips for businesses.

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