Monitor Reviews. Analyze feedback. Build a reputation.

Our online review monitoring software makes it easy to centralize all reviews from all your locations in one place. Our platform tracks 100+ review sites across all industries, providing enterprises with a simple, comprehensive solution for their review management.

But online review monitoring is about more than just putting all your review data in one place. Consumers are talking about your brand, sharing their experiences on hundreds of review websites and social media. Monitoring reviews is about keeping tabs on your brand and amplifying the voice of the customer. Here’s how we do it.

Trusted Alerts and Reports

Receive notifications when your customers provide feedback and leave reviews. Dive into our advanced reports that are loaded with data, strong visual charts, and customizable views to help you measure your feedback and reputation.

Scalable Solutions

ReviewTrackers can manage feedback ranging from 1 location to over 20,000 locations. By monitoring online reviews sites like Google, Facebook and 100+ others, users are alerted of new reviews so you can respond, and act, in time.

Visibility, On The Go

With so many avenues for online feedback, it can be difficult to identify overall trends and easy to miss negative comments that could damage your brand reputation. The ReviewTrackers mobile app, for iOS and Android, ensures you have visibility when you need it.

ReviewTrackers Saves Time

We wanted to prove just how much time it takes to conduct online review monitoring at scale. So, we set up an experiment, and manually tracked CarMax reviews across 51 Southwest CarMax locations from just 10 different review sites.

  • The first week, it took 17 hours to aggregate all current and historical reviews into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • In order to track new online reviews from just 10 websites, it took 5 hours each week. We audited new reviews, the total amount of new reviews, ratings of new reviews from each site, the average rating, as well as writing basic replies to these reviewers.
  • All told, we spent 37 hours collecting reviews… and didn’t have chance to analyze trends within the reviews. It just took too much time.
Summary: For an enterprise to track reviews from 51 locations, using ReviewTrackers will save 37 hours per month.

With all that saved time, show you care.


For most businesses, uncovering a recurring issue means the damage has already been done. Just one negative review can severely inhibit your ability to do business – especially if the customer’s concerns go unanswered. Responding to the negative review shows prospective customers you care about their feedback.

Positive reviews can drive revenue.

This makes being able to monitor customer feedback – and also respond to it appropriately – integral to your success as a business.

It’s never been easier to monitor your online reviews.

ReviewTrackers Online Review Monitoring solution makes it easy to get started. You can even start getting new alerts in just a few minutes.

Get the feedback-based analytics platform that helps enterprises monitor online reviews, uncover real-time business insights and create the best customer experiences.

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Negative Review Alerts

Receive email alerts when customers rate you low so you can follow-up directly, and work to improve your brand reputation.

NPS Reporting

ReviewTrackers benchmarks your Net Promoter Score over time so you can evaluate your improvement and customer service.

Monthly Performance Reporting

ReviewTrackers reporting suite offers high-level and detailed reporting. Customize your auto-delivery of weekly or monthly reports.