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Restaurant reservations service OpenTable is going beyond reservations. This much is clear from its recent rebranding, when the Priceline-owned company unveiled a new look and debuted its new tagline, “The table is just the start.”

Apparently, according to a New York Post report, OpenTable is now building a data-powered recommendation engine in order to provide personalized dining choices and help users decide what to eat and where to eat it. The engine will be built on collected restaurant reviews by OpenTable users – totaling over 30 million – as well as users’ history, searches, reservations, and geographic location.

“Based on your location and context, who you are and where you are, we want to offer the best restaurants for you tailored to your taste,” said Sudeep Das, OpenTable data scientist.

The recommendation engine is also being developed to identify specific diner trends. Added Das: “We’re learning about external factors like the weather. If it’s a snow day, you may not want to go farther than a block, but on a sunny day, you want to be outside in the sun with a glass of wine. We can incorporate these things into the model, which gets more complex and personalized.”

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In terms of connecting restaurants and diners and enabling table reservations, OpenTable seems to be doing better than ever. Recently, it set a company record for most diners seated in one day: 2 million – while also delivering results for searches that peaked at a rate of 400 searches per second. This happened on Valentine’s Day, when over half of the reservations booked by OpenTable users were made using mobile devices.

If you’re managing a restaurant that’s listed on OpenTable, the announcement of upcoming site and app features should serve as a cue for you to manage your online reviews and reputation more proactively than ever. Here are some posts to help you get started:

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  1. Rajesh K

    I imagine this is only going to increase; especially on mobile. Half of the time people are already using their phones to help them get to the restaurant. The process of selecting it in the first place is a small leap. Especially for niche restaurants. I travel a lot and I’m vegetarian.

    • Christina B

      I wonder if Open Table has a way to select just Vegetarian-heavy restaurants? I’d love to use it if it does. You never get a good list of places from just doing a basic internet search and other services only register stuff if it actually has “vegetarian” in the name.

  2. Chrissy

    Wow! That site is much bigger than I ever thought it was. It must have started out quite small, because you do not hear that much about it any more. Seems like a great service!

  3. Lilly

    This looks interesting. I will try this at first opportunity.