March 2, 2021

A How-To Guide on Software Brand Management

a group of people huddled around a computer and software working on software brand management

Investing resources and effort into software brand management does more than increase awareness; it can be missing key to improving your overall customer journey strategy. Stats from G2 revealed that 63% of marketers believe that a consistent branding experience has an impact on whether or not a deal is closed.

By taking a closer look at your current software brand management position, you can make meaningful, insight-based changes that bring about a high-quality customer acquisition plan, higher conversions, and satisfied customers who are easier to retain.

How ReviewTrackers Improves Software Brand Management and the Customer Journey

The emphasis on the customer experience as part of any software brand management plan means that companies should focus on customer feedback as a driving force for change. Rave comments about the ease of the overall experience or the high-quality support from customer-facing teams helps the company and its product stand out to B2B buyers as well as the competition in the industry. Using the ReviewTrackers platform can help enhance any software brand management plan.

people working on various software brand management methods in an effort to increase company visbility to online customers

Gather Reviews to Accurately Gauge the Customer Experience

To extensively use online reviews as a way of attracting new buyers, you will need to be effective at asking for reviews. Customer reviews data shows people expect to see about 112 reviews to confirm the authenticity of a brand’s overall rating, and it is a valuable step in any customer journey map. Specifically, see where consumers are conducting research on a software brand, such as business review sites or social media. Getting an idea of how and when people learn about a software brand or product can help teams create better messaging that appeals to future customers.

Use Customer Feedback to Discover Trends and Issues

When reviews start coming in large quantities, there should be dedicated teams handling review analysis, which encompasses more than sorting reviews into “good” or “bad” categories. With new technologies, such as natural language processing, analysis can yield valuable insights into each piece of customer feedback. These closer looks can reveal hidden trends or pain points in the customer experience that could turn others away. Use these insights to make valuable changes to the customer journey, which can yield more interested consumers.

Review Response Builds Loyalty

As teams continue to corral customer feedback it is also important to set up a process for responding to those online reviews. Depending on the overall tone and message from the reviewer, the response could be a simple “thank you” or it could escalate to a more detailed (or even offline) conversation if the reviewer had multiple issues with their experience. Taking the time to respond to reviews shows that the brand takes note and places a high value on delivering the best experience for consumers, which is crucial for gaining customer loyalty and retention for long-term growth. Only 36.7% of consumers get a response to their customer reviews, and creating a review response strategy is a fast way to stand out from competitors.

Using Review Sites As A Starting Point for Software Brand Management

These crucial steps in software brand management cannot begin without a close look at where customers leave their feedback. Review sites, especially G2, are a great place to start not just because of its popularity among consumers; the site also lets customers compare your software brand against the competition.

a screenshot of the G2 comparison chart of top CRM software

Chances are that there are  many sites that your marketing team monitors for customer feedback. With the help of the ReviewTrackers reputation management platform, you can collect reviews from each site along and put them all in one dashboard, which helps in the creation of insight-based decisions on top of a consistent brand message on multiple review sites.

Elevate Your Software Brand Management Strategy

The digital word of mouth is more powerful than ever thanks to online reviews. With software brand review sites, your company can gather meaningful feedback and use it to cultivate a customer journey that effectively attracts more consumers and makes them loyal advocates of your brand.

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