April 9, 2019

ReviewTrackers Now Available on Zapier for Easier Integrations

Using ReviewTrackers for your business just got easier. We’re happy to announce that ReviewTrackers is now available on Zapier!

The new partnership means that you can connect ReviewTrackers to the thousands of apps listed on Zapier, automate tasks without needing a developer, and save valuable time when generating, gathering, and responding to customer reviews.

How Does Zapier Work?

Zapier’s automation process uses “Zaps” to send information between applications. Zapier also allows you to have one app “trigger”  an action in another. For example, if you have a new review in ReviewTrackers, you can now automatically create an action in one of the other apps that Zapier has, including Salesforce, Google Sheets, ZenDesk, Trello, and thousands of others.

Why Zapier Matters: Developer-Free Automation

Zapier allows marketers to automate without having to worry about doing any coding. “Zaps” are easy to set up — so marketers with little to no technical expertise can build their own review automation system without having to talk to anyone in I.T.

What Can You Do with ReviewTrackers within Zapier?

There are two specific features available for ReviewTrackers users on Zapier: the New Review Zap and the New Email Request Zap.

Use Case 1: New Review Zap

The New Review Zap allows you to send review information from ReviewTrackers to another app. ReviewTrackers customers have used this trigger to automatically create a Zendesk ticket for their customer success team to respond to any new review that is three stars or below.

reviewtrackers zapier

Use Case 2: New Review Request Zap

ReviewTrackers can also be on the receiving end of a Zap. For example, anytime a new customer enters Salesforce, Zapier can trigger a review request email to be sent in ReviewTrackers.

Customers who automate their review requests can often double or triple their review volume—so this simple piece of automation is really valuable.

More Integrations, More Productivity

The addition of ReviewTrackers to Zapier is just another sign that integration and automation between platforms makes for a better experience for the customer and company alike.

Your customers get a faster and more personalized experience with your CS team thanks to immediate alerts and support tickets automatically created through Zapier. All of your business locations can benefit from immediate review requests from all their new customers.  Streamlining your review generation will improve each location’s online reputation in local search which can bring more exposure, customers, and revenue.

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