November 1, 2023

How Customer Experience Analysis Improves Customer Retention and Drives Business Growth

Customer Experience Analytics technology by ReviewTrackers helps brands analyze customer feedback and gather actionable customer insights essential to making impactful business decisions. 

Brands can access this powerful customer experience analysis feature in the ReviewTrackers dashboard and use it to analyze review data, pin down customer sentiment, and discover high-impact trends and patterns in the customer experience. 

Why Use Customer Experience Analytics?

Consumers today desire interactions that accommodate their unique lifestyles and ever-changing needs. When those needs aren’t met, they explore other options, which means loyalties can easily shift and your brand may struggle to retain customers.

Unstructured data from online reviews is a valuable gold mine for companies looking to retain customers, foster loyalty, and improve their brand, products, and services. It’s also a great source of information that can support organizations’ efforts to measure and manage the omnichannel customer experience

However, the task of managing and analyzing massive amounts of unstructured data is a challenge for many organizations. For businesses with hundreds or thousands of business locations, it’s difficult to “manually” analyze and make sense of this collected information, especially when the data is coming from hundreds of thousands of reviews.

Customer Experience Analytics equips organizations with the technological capability and application needed to make unstructured data more manageable and easier to understand. What used to take a team of people to scour hundreds or even thousands of reviews for trends and data can now be done in a matter of minutes within a single platform.

Powered by natural language processing technology by ReviewTrackers, Customer Experience Analytics crystallizes information into actionable insights — helping brands achieve a more accurate, complete, and unified view of the customer.

  • The Keywords Dashboard brings to the surface the most relevant keywords used by customers in their online reviews — and analyzes the customer sentiment associated with these keywords.
  • The Experience Analysis Dashboard is an artificial intelligence-driven keyword tool that analyzes customer sentiment across major customer experience categories, such as product, service, location, value, and customer.

online reviews statistics: customer experience analysis of restaurant reviews


Simply put: Customer Experience Analytics technology by ReviewTrackers enables brands and entire teams — from marketing, operations, product development, and customer support to business development, HR, finance, and the C-suite — to capture the Voice of the Customer and discover the oft-hidden trends and patterns that define their experience. It helps companies find meaning in online reviews and customer feedback.

How Customer Experience Analysis Works

AI-based keyword, sentiment, and classification analysis for categorizing mass quantities of data is what makes Customer Experience Analytics technology so powerful. By delivering the most valuable pieces of information to stakeholders, the tool ensures that businesses make meaningful operational decisions that drive customer-influenced change and growth.

Brands can take this technology even further by implementing it in their competitor analysis strategy. By analyzing data and customer feedback from local or even global rivals, your team can discover and fill gaps in the customer experience, helping you attract more customers.

By listening and analyzing customer experience feedback, you can make a low-cost change to your business strategy that results in increased revenue and satisfaction.

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