May 26, 2022

Build a Digital Foundation with These Plastic Surgery SEO Tips

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Creating a plastic surgery SEO strategy isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, and the benefits can vastly outweigh the costs. By spending time optimizing the multiple factors that contribute to your brand’s plastic surgery SEO needs you make it easier for people to find you online. Specifically, you should focus on the following elements of your online presence to maximize efficiency.

  • Optimize listings
  • Effective review management

Plastic Surgery SEO Best Practice #1: Optimize Your Listings

Whether you just have a single location or manage different branches across the country it’s important to ensure that each listing is fully optimized. This practice is more than just making sure the company name is spelled correctly and a profile picture is added. This means ensuring that each listing’s address and contact information is correct and updated. The same goes for operating hours and website links.

Each one of these bits of information added to your listing doesn’t just help the consumer make a more informed purchase decision; they also are valuable signals for search engines when it comes to ranking your listings against the local competitors. Thinking about local listing management in this light can set you up for long-term success. Having a constant eye on your listings and updating information ensures both consumers and search engines notice the brand more often. This process can become tedious and time-consuming when done manually, but powerful local SEO software can make it easy to manage multiple locations with just a few clicks, and it doesn’t hurt to have some competitor analysis features in there as well.


Plastic Surgery SEO Best Practice #2: Optimize Your Review Management

Your online reviews are powerful for attracting customers, but they’re also a powerful signal for better plastic surgery SEO. Specifically, the amount of reviews garnered and even your own responses to feedback are some of the ways your reviews play a part when it comes to local SEO.

In other words, plastic surgery brands should be using powerful reputation management software to not just get into the habit of asking for reviews but to also properly triage new feedback. From there, educate your teams in how to respond to negative reviews and provide positive review response examples. Constant responses to both positive and negative feedback in a professional manner tells people that you’re willing to engage with them, and it tells search engines that the company is actively managing its online reputation.

Managing Your Plastic Surgery SEO Strategy for the Long Haul

Starting and maintaining these two best practices is a solid foundation on which to build your successful plastic surgery brand. In an age where it’s vital to rank high online, these steps not only help you achieve that goal, but do so in a low-cost, organic way that doesn’t require too much an investment, especially if you’re using the right reputation management software.

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