July 15, 2022

Foster Consumer Trust with Review Alerts and Immediate Keyword Alerts by ReviewTrackers

With review alerts and immediate keyword alerts by ReviewTrackers, your team gets notified whenever customers provide valuable feedback and leave online reviews about your company or business locations.

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Review Alerts and Immediate Keyword Alerts by ReviewTrackers

Consumers today have access to countless digital platforms where they can write reviews and share their experiences. This can make it challenging for business organizations and teams to stay on top of customer feedback posted across multiple business review sites and local listings

Review alerts and immediate keyword alerts by online reputation management software ReviewTrackers provide timely visibility into what customers are saying about your brand, products, and services. 

By notifying your team of reviews — including reviews that contain specific keywords — the alerts help you protect your brand reputation, respond to unsolicited feedback in a timely manner, and foster consumer trust.

Your company can also take advantage of review alerts in order to improve brand credibility, rank higher in local search results, and influence potential customers to choose your brand over the competition. 

What are Review Alerts?

Review alerts are notifications sent to users on your team whenever customers provide feedback and leave online reviews. These notifications can be sent via email and SMS. Teams can customize review alerts based on review type/rating, review sources, assigned locations or location groups, and content type (immediate alerts, daily/weekly/monthly logs, daily/weekly/monthly summaries).

These review alerts are a valuable tool that will serve your online review management strategy. By using review alerts and keeping your finger on the pulse of customer feedback, you can protect and build your brand reputation, become responsive to consumer needs and expectations, and gain a better, more accurate understanding of your customers.

What are Immediate Keyword Alerts?

The ability to detect trends in customer feedback is vital to adapting to consumer behavior. It is with this in mind that ReviewTrackers developed Immediate Keyword Alerts.

ReviewTrackers leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to detect sentiment and trends in customer reviews data. This information is then categorized and presented using ReviewTrackers’ Customer Experience Analytics tool.  

Immediate Keyword Alerts, powered by the same technology, enables teams to receive alerts and notifications whenever a specific keyword is mentioned in a review.

an image of the immediate keyword alerts feature on reviewtrackers

With Immediate Keyword Alerts, you can track promotions, campaigns, and compliance across business locations and move one step closer towards a truly predictive business model.

Using Immediate Keyword Alerts also lets you effectively track and act on customer experiences to ensure you’re maintaining brand standards and creating the most optimal experiences. 

Companies can also use Immediate Keyword Alerts to stay informed of altered operations, ensure compliance across all locations, and create a process for using customer feedback trends to foster business improvement. 

Building strategies to enhance operations is the most actionable way that you can build a brand that customers love. ReviewTrackers’ Immediate Keyword Alerts makes this easier than ever.


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