May 12, 2020

Foster Consumer Trust with Immediate Keyword Alerts

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Listening to what customers are saying about their experiences with your brand is vital to business growth. Specifically, 93% of executives consider the improvement and management of their online reputation as the most important factor to the future of their business.

Now more than ever, businesses must be forward thinking and adapt to modified ways of interacting with consumers. By creating experiences based on customer feedback, you make customers feel heard, included, and valued. This builds brand loyalty, which results in a lifelong customer and more revenue. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Building strategies to enhance operations is the most actionable way that a brand can create an establishment that consumers love, and ReviewTrackers’ Immediate Keyword Alerts makes this easier than ever.

Tactical ways to build customer loyalty:

We currently leverage artificial intelligence to detect sentiment and trends across business reviews, and then categorize the feedback through our Experience Analysis tool. With Immediate Keyword Alerts we’re taking it a step further and empowering businesses to receive alerts when a specific keyword is mentioned within a review. This will enable businesses to track promotions, campaigns, compliance across locations, and move one step closer towards a truly predictive business model.

Using Immediate Keyword Alerts also lets you effectively track and act on customer experiences to ensure you’re maintaining brand standards and creating the most optimal experiences to increase customer retention.

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Track the impact of COVID-19 on your business with immediate keyword alerts:

The ability to detect trends in customer feedback is vital to adapting to consumer behavior in light of the current pandemic. Many businesses are iterating on business practices and operations, and Immediate Keyword Alerts lets you track the impact of those COVID-19-related changes on your brand.


If you have adjusted business operations to accommodate takeout and delivery, set your keyword alerts to monitor mentions of “Takeout” and “Delivery” within reviews to track the success of this new business model. Keyword Alerts lets you gather customer insight immediately and helps determine where you can iterate on new operations to drive loyalty.


If your bank or financial institution is pointing consumers towards your app in the midst of COVID-19, set alerts for “slow”, “outage”, and other related keywords to ensure your adjusted customer experiences are meeting expectations. Receive immediate alerts to understand what your customers love, and where you can enhance these adjusted operations to drive success.


As procedures and operations change for all healthcare organizations, track keywords related to new telehealth services and ensure all locations, doctors, and practices are meeting compliance standards.

Consumer Services

Track new curbside pick up operations and other current promotions by monitoring keywords specific to the promotion or terms such as “Curbside,” “Pickup,” or “Social Distance” to ensure your loyal customers are satisfied with your new operations, while also gleaning insights into quick fixes you can implement to further drive loyalty.

Improve Operations and Build Loyalty with Keyword Alerts

All industries can use Immediate Alerts to stay informed of altered operations, ensure compliance across all locations, and create a process to use customer feedback trends for future improvements. Act on feedback to make valuable changes to internal processes that enhance operations, and keep customers happy and loyal.

Try out this ReviewTrackers feature for yourself to grow your business.

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