April 27, 2023

What to Include in Your Crisis Management Strategies

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Having crisis management strategies in place can help your brand reduce your reputation losses and provide more opportunities to win back customers as long-term fans. To quickly recover from a crisis and win back consumers, you need to employ reputation management software that provides accurate, actionable data. Having a plan of action now means that your team spends less time scrambling and more time gaining back consumer trust that will help  mend a broken reputation.

According to the PWC Global Crisis Survey, 75% of respondents mentioned technology as a crucial factor in coordinating crises responses. Yet, only 62% of respondents feel their organization can adequately handle reputational risks. Furthermore, 46% of consumers’ purchase decisions are still impacted by bad experiences from “two or more years ago,” according to our customer reviews report.

You see that it’s necessary to have a crisis management strategy in place. But what is that supposed to look like? We’ve created a list of 3 must-have features in your crisis management strategy. Let’s dive in!

Crisis Management Strategy Feature 1: Review Response

Responding to reviews is a critical aspect of crisis management. It builds consumer trust, shows that your brand is engaging, and displays a willingness to respond to both positive and negative feedback to address concerns. However, our customer reviews report shows that only 36.7% of consumers received a response from a business for their review. Responding to reviews can help you stand out from your competitors and demonstrate your commitment to excellent customer service.

To create a plan for responding to reviews, have some templates on-hand. For more serious issues, push for a private, offline conversation to resolve issues. Not quite sure on the best way to respond to negative reviews? Check out our best practices for how to respond to negative reviews to learn how to do just that!

Crisis Management Strategy Feature 2: Review Analysis

Review analysis is essential to gain accurate, actionable information based on keyword trends and customer sentiment. Keywords gathered from the analysis can point to issues with the customer experience, which can show that your brand is actively listening and acting on consumer feedback to repair their reputation. However, getting accurate data from manual analysis takes time and even a whole team to get it right and corroborate findings. With new technologies like natural language processing, your brand can use software and gain the analysis you need with just a few clicks.

If you’re looking for a way to gain accurate insights from customer feedback in order to improve your brand reputation, our customer experience analytics solutions is a great place to start. Our advanced technology and team of experts can help you analyze your reviews, pinpoint customer sentiment, and identify areas for improvement. By using our powerful analytics tools, you can quickly gain valuable insights into your customers’ experiences and take action to address any issues or concerns they may have. Whether you’re facing a crisis or simply looking to enhance your brand reputation, we’ve got you covered!

Crisis Management Strategy Feature 3: Review Showcase

A review showcase is an effective way to repair your brand’s reputation by placing your best reviews front and center. Whether they admit it or not, consumers need social proof to accurately determine if a brand can genuinely deliver on expectations and needs. Showcasing your best reviews helps with softening negative consumer sentiment and can be more effective than spending time and resources on a new marketing campaign.

To showcase your brand’s positive reviews, you can use our Amplify tool which allows you to display reviews from customers on product pages, high-traffic pages, or even a dedicated page for customer reviews. This approach can help minimize negative sentiment and boost customer acquisition as potential customers read about the positive experiences of your existing customers. 

Did you know that customer reviews data shows 25% of consumers only trust online reviews as much as recommendations if there are multiple reviews to read. In fact, the same customer reviews findings show that consumers expect to read 112 reviews on average to confirm the authenticity of a rating. By showcasing your best reviews prominently, you can increase consumer trust and attract more customers to your brand.

Your Crisis Management Strategy Going Forward

Creating a crisis management strategy starts with repairing your own reputation. Utilizing reputation management software can make this crucial step in crisis management a breeze and sets up potential brand success and customer loyalty in the long run. By responding to reviews, analyzing customer feedback, and showcasing your best reviews, your brand can recover from a crisis and win back consumer trust.

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