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Keep an Eye on Rival Brands with Competitors Report from ReviewTrackers

March 13, 2019

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ReviewTrackers’ new Competitors Report allows you to keep a close eye on your competition’s reviews, star ratings, and overall reputation, which gives you the insights you need to stand out in competitive local and regional markets.

This type of competitive insight is vital for any group. Data from marketing intelligence firm Crayon shows that 75 percent of businesses use review sites to keep tabs on their competitors.

However, relying on star ratings from a few competing locations doesn’t provide an accurate understanding of your brand’s performance especially when you consider that reviews and consumer expectations vary from one region to another.

To empower brands with this level of insight, we built Competitors Report.

Tracking the Competition

Each of your locations can track up to 10 competing establishments. The data gathered from each rival business includes valuable metric data such as average rating and the total number of reviews from listings on Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

There’s no distance limit to these competitors so you can compare your business against other similar establishments across the street, in another state, or around the world.

competitors report

You can put each competing business in custom groups such as similar brand categories or general geographic location, and create custom visual graphs that show collective data across multiple competitors in each group. Use these graphs to monitor reputation changes on a monthly (or even daily) basis to detect any major seasonal changes.

This is great for businesses with locations in different regions because it allows for detailed comparisons of rival establishments that differ throughout the country.

Why does that matter? A pizza chain with locations across the country faces a different level of competition (with different consumer expectations) in New York than it does in Chicago.

Grouping competitor data by region or other parameters gives you the nuance you need to build a local and regional marketing strategy.

These reports are also available for export as a PDF or CSV file.

The Competitive Edge

With the Competitors Report you can easily keep tabs on the performance of local businesses while gaining valuable insights that can help you get better reviews.

Check out how the Competitors Report can work for your business by signing up for a demo of ReviewTrackers today.

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