How This National Hospitality Brand Uses ReviewTrackers to Respond to Reviews and Act on Customer Feedback

average response rate

For 10.2K reviews across 147 resort locations

faster response times

29 Smart Response templates reduce average response time in the last 12 months to less than 2 days

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Interpreted by Experience Analysis technology for 400+ locations


Real Estate and Hospitality


Find a more efficient, strategic, and streamlined way to manage online reviews, as well as improve the rate and quality of the company’s responses

Foster a better understanding of resident and guest experiences across 279 residential communities and 147 resorts

Create structured opportunities to enhance brand reputation in ways that create value for the company and its properties, stakeholders, and partners


Quickly track, consolidate, and respond to reviews of all locations (residential communities and resorts) using Review Alerts and Review Monitoring

Create an efficient organizational structure for managing reviews and location profiles with Multi-Tenant Accounts, while also developing strategies specific to individual business divisions and brands

Monitor property performance and online reputation through Location Performance, Reputation Scorecards, and Experience Analysis to ensure that resident and guest experiences are consistent with the brand promise


For this premier real estate investment trust that owns and operates over 400 properties across US and Canada, responding to reviews of its residents and guests wasn’t always easy. 

Not only did the company have to keep an eye on multiple business review sites; with a diverse portfolio of RV resorts and campgrounds as well as manufactured home communities for sale and lease, the company also faced the challenge of managing different types of online reviews, spawned by the assorted experiences of different segments of customers. Its strategy for responding to reviews was also piecemeal at best. 

This all changed when the company started using ReviewTrackers

Since then, the company’s hospitality arm, with a selection of RV and tent sites and vacation rentals, has improved its review response rate by 32%. In the last 6 months, this has increased to 91.5%; out of 147 resort locations, 57 have a 100% response rate and 116 have at least 90%.


of consumers say a negative review has convinced them to avoid a business


of customers expect businesses to respond to their reviews within 7 days


of consumers are more likely to choose a business that responds to reviews

The company set up 51 different types of review alerts — including weekly logs and monthly summaries for the Customer Care team — so that the right people are notified at the right time whenever there are new reviews of resort locations. 

To streamline the process of getting back to customers, regional managers utilize Smart Response, a powerful feature that provides branded templates that users can fill out to respond quickly and efficiently to reviews. Currently, the company uses at least 29 customizable templates for responding to:

  • Positive reviews
  • Reviews on specific review websites (for example, and Expedia)
  • Negative reviews that require personal follow-up
  • Neutral reviews with both positive and constructive feedback

ReviewTrackers also allows users to “tag” reviews based on their response status: “Responded,” “In Progress,” and “Do Not Respond.” This, along with app integrations that enable in-app responses to Facebook and Google reviews, helps the company stay efficient in their reputation management efforts.

Better Organization and Simplified Account Management for Individual Brands

Within a few months of using ReviewTrackers, the company onboarded a new account for its residential communities brand through ReviewTrackers’ Multi-Tenant Accounts

A partner tool suited for agencies and enterprise-level organizations, this feature enables the company to create an efficient organizational structure for managing reviews and location profiles of both resorts and residential communities — using a unifying parent or master account. 

an illustration of the account hierarchy

Performance metrics under the residential communities division soon began to echo the improvements seen in the company’s resorts account. In just the last month, the average response rate of the company’s 279 residential communities skyrocketed to 94.5%. With 10 Smart Response templates set up specifically for reviews, average response time also improved to less than 3 days.

Discover Trends in Thousands of Reviews — and Take Action

Apart from responding to reviews, the company also constantly works on gaining a better, more accurate understanding of resident and guest experiences across its locations. The company knows this is crucial to influencing home sales, rent collections, portfolio occupancy: the business’s bottom line.

Using the Experience Analysis feature on the ReviewTrackers dashboard, the company is able to easily detect high-impact trends and patterns that define the customer experience.

a sample list of keywords from sun communities

How does it work? Experience Analysis is powered by ReviewTrackers’ advanced natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, and machine learning technology, which automatically detects trending keywords found in reviews and classifies these into smart categories. 

This allows the company to prioritize their areas of focus and even create Smart Response templates for negative reviews that talk about cleanliness, food and beverage, payment issues, hold times, and upset guests. 

Experience Analysis helps the entire organization — from the C-suite to the frontline — find meaning in tens of thousands of reviews; pin down customer sentiment, emotion, and feelings; and make meaningful operational decisions that drive positive change and growth. 

All these efforts on managing reviews reflect the company’s commitment to its residents and guests. By responding to and taking action on valuable customer feedback, the company is able to build not only a brand that resonates with customers, but also an organization that’s equipped with the intelligence and foresight essential to delivering 5-star experiences.

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