how to create a facebook business page video

How to Create Video for a Facebook Business Page

November 06, 2018

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Photos are great for your Facebook business page, but so is creating and uploading video content.

In fact, it’s one of the most popular things to do on the website. Facebook users accumulate about 100 million hours of watch time every day.

Videos can add more visual appeal to a Page, and it can effectively show more content than a small pool of photos.

Fortunately for businesses, Facebook allows multiple forms of video content for its 1.49 billion daily active users to consume. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Adding Video to a Facebook Business Page

The process of adding a video to a Facebook business Page is easy, and it only takes a few clicks to set up.

  1. Post on your Timeline

    In your Facebook Business Manager account, you can start by clicking on the “Create Post” button on your Timeline and then clicking on the Photo/Video button. A series of uploading options should appear. Click on the “Upload Photos/Video” option and select the video file from your computer.
    how to upload photos to facebook business page

    (Learn how to claim your Facebook business pages for all your locations).

  2. Video Formatting

    Facebook recommends a MP4 or MOV file format for your videos. However, it does support other formats as well, which you can find in the chart below.

    how to create a facebook business page video

  3. Video Details

    You can add more details to the video to better inform viewers. Write a brief description and tag specific people or Pages by clicking on the head icon below the description field. You can also give it keywords tags to give it more exposure throughout Facebook.

    how to create a facebook business page video
    There’s also an option to choose a specific thumbnail for the video, add custom labels for Page admins, and even implementing a poll to get user feedback. You can also add subtitles and utilize the 360-degree tool for specific footage (more on these topics later).

  4. Final Touches

    Before you hit the “Publish” button, you can make some last-minute adjustments such as scheduling its release, customize its distribution (where it appears on your Page), and even choose to allow specific Pages to crosspost the video, which is helpful for a business with multiple locations.

    You can also choose to enable or disable comments and reactions from viewers and add a “Donate” button to help raise money for charity.

With your settings in place, you can now hit the Publish button and have the video appear on your Timeline.

Editing Existing Videos

In some cases, you might have to make some changes to an existing video on your Facebook Business Page. Fortunately, you can make edits to video footage on Facebook without having to delete and upload the video again.

  1. Click on the “Publishing Tools” tab at the top of the Page and then click on the “Video Library” section on the left side of the screen.
    how to create a facebook business page video
  2. Check the box next to the video that you want to edit then click on “Actions” select the “Edit Video” option. You’ll see the same pop-up screen that appeared when you initially uploaded the video, which means you can change anything from the thumbnail to description.
  3. Once the appropriate changes are made, click on the “Save” button.

Adding Captions to Videos

Captions can be useful to many viewers even if they don’t have any hearing impairments. In fact 85 percent of Facebook users watch videos on the platform with the sound off.

After uploading a video on your Timeline you can click on the “Generate” button at the top of the post, which lets Facebook automatically create captions for your video. However, you can edit them for accuracy before hitting that “Save to Video” button.

You can also opt to upload your own subtitles as a SubRip (.srt) file. However make sure that the file is properly named and formatted.

  • For file names, make sure that it follows the proper naming convention below.
    filename.[language code]_[country code].srt.
  • There are also multiple criteria points for formatting:
    • Make sure each subtitle has a unique sequence number starting with the number “1.”
    • The timing stamps on the file should include every digit in the format of “hh:mm:ss,fff.” You should also add zeros in front of single digit numbers such as 03 or 09.
    • Ensure that the text file is encoded in UTF-8

If your subtitle files meet these requirements, you can go ahead and upload them to the video on your Facebook business Page.

  1. Click on the “Create Post” button on your Timeline and then clicking on the Photo/Video button. Select the video to upload from your computer.
  2. Click on the “Subtitles & Captions (CC)” section on the right side of the pop-up screen.
  3. In addition to selecting the video’s main language, you can choose a default language for the captions. This tells Facebook to show captions in that language if the user’s preferred language isn’t available as subtitles. You can also use this section to upload your subtitle files or write your own from scratch.
    how to create a facebook business page video
  4. Finish the rest of your video settings and then hit the “Publish” button to upload your video.

You can also add captions to existing video. Find the video post and then click on the three-dotted icon on the top-right corner of the post. Click on the “Edit Post” option and follow the same steps above to add subtitles.

Using Live Videos for a Facebook Business Page

Another way to reach audiences on your Page is by hosting a Live video. You can start your “show” by clicking on the “Live” button at the top of your Timeline. You can choose to write a brief description so that viewers know what to expect before they watch.

When you’re ready, click on the “Go Live” button to start broadcasting. The maximum time for a live broadcast is four hours.

The feature should be available on most smartphones that have a camera, but if you’re broadcasting from a computer, Facebook recommends that you use the Google Chrome web browser.

Live Videos with Streaming Software

Other Pages might further utilize live videos to stream content from their computer. This is popular with today’s video games-centric audience, but you can still use it to showcase products and services.

  1. Click on the Create Live Stream button on Facebook’s Create Page.
  2. A separate screen will pop-up where you can configure multiple settings for the live stream such as a title, description, and where to post the video.
  3. You’ll also see two text fields on the screen that contain the “Server URL” and “Stream Key.” You’ll need to copy the string of characters from these fields when setting up the broadcasting software of your choice.
    • There are plenty of streaming software tools out there, but Facebook recommends three top choices: Open Broadcaster Software, XSplit, or Wirecast. The setup process for each platform differs in many ways, but you’ll need to use one of these platforms for the live stream.
      how to create a facebook business page video
  4. Click the Go Live button on the setup page to start the stream. Just like regular live videos these streams have a four-hour time limit.

Despite the different setups required for the streaming platform, Facebook has specific formatting guidelines in place.

  • Recommended max bit rate: 4000 Kbps (4 mbps).
  • Maximum resolution and framerate: 720p (1280 x 720) resolution at 30 frames per second.
  • An I-frame (keyframe) should be sent at least every 2 seconds throughout the stream.
  • Titles must have 255 characters or less.
  • The stream must have H264 encoded video and AAC encoded audio.

Showing 360-degree Videos on Your Facebook Business Page

If traditional and live videos aren’t enough then 360-degree video footage might be in order. This type of video content is made with special cameras that can capture the full 360 degrees of a scene at the same time.

However, you need to make sure that the video file includes specific 360 or spherical metadata. Otherwise, the video won’t upload correctly. Facebook also has a handy chart available that can tell you the recommended specs for 360- and 180-degree video content.

Adding Metadata, Orientation, and Field of View

Facebook recommends three different tools for adding spherical metadata, which you can check out for yourself below.

Thankfully, you can upload 360-degree videos in the same manner as regular video content. However, you’ll need to tweak more video settings before uploading the footage.

  1. Click on the “Create Post” button on your Timeline and then clicking on the Photo/Video button. Select the video to upload from your computer.
  2. Click on the “360 Director Tools” tab to add Guide Points to your footage. These points will serve as guides so that you show the parts that you want the audience to see.
    how to create a facebook business page video
  3. Before publishing use this section to preview the video to make sure that your settings are correct.
  4. Make any final touches to your video and then hit the “Publish” button.

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