February 11, 2020

3 Tips for Senior Care Reputation Management

Reputation management is crucial for the senior care industry. More seniors are retiring and their children are looking online first to find the best care available. Fortunately, the senior care industry as a whole has a great online foundation with an overall star rating of 4.05, according to the ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey.

One way senior care facilities can distinguish themselves is through their online reputation, which is one way to boost your local SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. Creating a favorable online reputation sounds daunting at first, but we have some reputation management tips to ease your fears and help attract potential residents.

Senior Care Reputation Management Tips

The success or failure of your senior care facility’s digital reputation rests on online reviews. To create a favorable standing with potential residents, you need to keep in mind the Three B’s:

  • Be Empathetic
  • Be Informative
  • Be Thankful

Be Empathetic

The search process for the best senior care can be intimidating and stressful. One way consumers will decide if your facility is the right choice is by how you react to feedback; specifically, you need to learn how to respond to negative reviews in an effective manner.

Before responding to feedback, think about the reviewer’s state of mind. Once you figure it out, respond in a kind manner. Don’t escalate the issue to a point where you can’t control the outcome. There might be some pre-approved lines for you to use when responding to specific comments, but try to make them sound natural.

an empathetic review from the care center is one way to succeed in senior care reputation management

People want to get a response from you. Just make sure that you sound sincere and caring in every review.

Be Informative

Another facet of reputation management requires you to have the right information on hand. Providing correct and accurate facts in your review responses makes you an authoritative figure, which increases the trust and confidence a potential resident places on your business. Don’t try to correct everything someone says in a negative review because it might backfire on you. Instead, it’s best to find a way to resolve their issues away from the public eye.

Some solutions include setting up a private phone call, corresponding by email, or sending them to your help desk service (if you have one). This type of redirect is also beneficial when it comes to writing HIPAA-compliant review responses.

Be Thankful

Whether your reviews are favorable or negative, it’s important to thank people for their feedback. After all, they took time out of their busy daily schedules to write feedback.

senior care reputation management also requires care centers to be thankful to the families of residents

Saying “thank you” is one of the easiest things to do, but it also carries plenty of weight. It shows that you care about their feedback, and sets a positive tone for future conversations. Prospective customers can easily see your positive tone from a few exchanges, and that might be enough to convince them to learn more about your facility.

Managing the Online Reputation Cycle

Reputation management is a vital part of an effective business strategy cycle. With the response methods to reviews, you create a positive reputation for your facility.

The tips above should be enough to get you started, but if you want to make it easier on yourself you can use valuable reputation management software to effectively manage the many aspects of your senior care facility.

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