August 10, 2022

How to Monitor Reviews About Your Software

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The need to know how to monitor reviews about your software is crucial for any tech company. In the same way that feedback is vital during beta tests and other pre-launch versions, it’s important to continuously gather feedback once a new piece of software or patch is publicly available. Not only do you get an accurate representation of the user experience; it also can reveal glaring issues that were invisible in previous releases and even show potential additions to the product that can delight even more users in the future.

To give you firm footing when it comes to monitoring feedback and growing your software brand through reviews, we provide a couple of tips below for you to get started and set up for long-term success.

How to Monitor Reviews About Your Software Tip 1: Utilize Software Reputation Management Platforms

Utilizing online reputation management software is not just the easiest way to monitor your software reviews; it’s also the fastest way to get a powerful software brand monitoring strategy up and running. With your app live on the App Store and/or Google Play, you can easily see customer reviews from both sources in a central location, which also makes it simple to triage reviews and set up a review response system that lets you address each user’s feedback.

App store monitoring at this level, especially with ReviewTrackers’ unlimited seats, allows multiple teams to quickly gain insights that can be analyzed and used to make decisions for upcoming patches or full-fledged features. ReviewTrackers’ partnerships with top software review sites such as Capterra and even its membership in the Google My Business Featured Partner program ensure that your company and app are easily seen on some of the most popular sites visited by consumers as they conduct research for their next software purchase.


How to Monitor Reviews About Your Software Tip 2: Watch for Trends in Reviews

The insights gained from reviews comes from analyzing multiple batches of feedback. Even with a large team, reading every single review and noting specific keywords and their sentiments and then noting patterns across multiple reviews is an arduous task. However, the right online reputation management software should also include some form of natural language processing feature.

With the right customer experience analytics features in place, you can have A.I. sort through hundreds or even thousands of reviews in minutes to find patterns and keywords that point to glowing sentiment of a particular part of your software or even a glaring flaw that you can nip in the bud before it gets worse. This saves valuable resources and allows your team to focus on making these data-driven changes rather than spending hours or days analyzing reviews.

How to Monitor Reviews About Your Software Tip 3: Always Ask for More Feedback

What is perhaps the most valuable bedrock when learning how to monitor reviews about your software is by asking for more feedback. Various methods of asking for reviews are readily available, but it’s important to remind customers that their feedback is appreciated. Without their comments, your app has little room for innovation and utility for the consumer. Only though meaningful and constant feedback can a company continue to iterate on software that doesn’t just deliver on customer expectations but also easily beats the competition.


The work is hardly finished even after the first version of your software is available to the public. Countless updates and patches are expected, but the companies that see a constant rise in use and popularity with their apps only do so because of valuable feedback. By knowing how to  properly monitor reviews about your software, you can join that elite group of brands and make a name for the company in an evolving market.

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