July 21, 2022

A 2022 Guide To Creating Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

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Every company needs a customer acquisition strategy for long-term success. Without it, consumers never hear about your offerings or services and go to a competitor instead. The task itself sounds daunting, but we’ve broken it down for you into 3 simple tasks. With the following steps, you can get your customer acquisition strategy off the ground today to better attract the right customers tomorrow.

Customer Acquisition Strategy Step 1: Set Up and Verify Online Listings

A better customer acquisition strategy starts with your online listings. In today’s digital world, showing up online is an easy, yet powerful way to get in front of consumers, and you can do it with online listings. Getting an entry on popular sites such as Google My Business ensures that people can easily find you. In some cases, you’ll also need to be verified on these sites, and skipping out on that crucial step means missing out on much-needed exposure. The process takes up considerable time if you do it by yourself, but enlisting the help of those in the Google My Business Featured Partner Program can speed it up.

Brands with multiple locations across town or around the world alike can also upgrade their customer acquisition strategy through online listings with local listing management software. With this tool, you can easily keep an eye on all of your listings and make necessary changes to hours, contact information, or even its new location in just a few clicks.


Customer Acquisition Strategy Step 2: Utilize Customer Reviews

The reviews left by your customers is also a vital tool for your customer acquisition strategy. Aside from serving as valuable social proof that can entice new consumers to visit your business, you can use the feedback, both positive and negative, to improve the overall customer experience in ways that delight consumers and exceed their expectations. Taking advantage of customer experience analytics can reveal gaps in your service or a product that is well-received by visitors, all of which can be valuable marketing assets used to further get the attention of future customers.

However, don’t forget about the primary reason for using reputation management software: maintaining or improving your brand reputation. Knowing how to respond to negative reviews or providing great positive review response examples is another differentiator that people will weigh in when the time comes to make a purchase decision. Make sure you have a dedicated team on hand to properly triage and respond to feedback of varying sentiments.

Customer Acquisition Step 3: Watch Your Competition

What better way to see how you can attract customers than watching how your rivals do it? As you start your customer acquisition strategy, it’s definitely worth monitoring the competition to get some insights into how you can better attract the same consumers, or in some cases, convince their customers to come to your business.

With the right competitor analysis or enterprise reputation management solution, you can easily see how a rival company is faring in terms of review score and even see which terms their customers are using to describe their experience in a positive or negative way. These insights can help you create new marketing campaigns that put your offerings in a better light or even showcase how your customers praise an aspect of your competitors that is getting negative attention from their visitors. Over time you can use the same tool to stay ahead of the competition and ensure that you are the first choice for your ideal customers.

Grow Your Business with an Effective Customer Acquisition Strategy

To consistently win new customers, it’s important to approach any customer acquisition strategy with a solid plan. While there is no magic formula to guarantee your business a constant flow of new customers, you can follow the tactics above to improve your brand reputation, drive engagement with your audience, and “pull” potential customers in.

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