Compare ReviewTrackers vs. Yext

What’s better for your business: ReviewTrackers or Yext? What are the key features of various Yext alternatives? Know the similarities and differences between these top online reputation management software companies by comparing them head-to-head across various product features.

What Businesses Love About ReviewTrackers

Ease of Use and Excellent Support

Yext’s biggest market segment is enterprise, and the complexity of its reputation management platform may not be ideal for other segments. ReviewTrackers, meanwhile, is known for its ease of use, which drives engagement and success for businesses of all types and sizes.

As one of the most accessible and cost-effective Yext alternatives in the market, the ReviewTrackers platform is intuitive and approachable. If you need help, ReviewTrackers also offers email and phone support, plus a comprehensive help center.

Partnerships with Industry-Leading Review Sites

ReviewTrackers provides businesses with data from 120+ best-in-class business review sites to support the industries we serve. Like other Yext alternatives, ReviewTrackers maintains control over the relationships with the review sites offered within the platform, thanks to various integrations and partnerships with these sites (along with a growing number of cool API integrations).

The key difference is ReviewTrackers’ commitment to speed, scale, stability, and accuracy. We deliver best-in-class onboarding time and work hard to ensure complete data integrity. ReviewTrackers also practices ethical data collection and is equipped with the industry expertise needed to help our clients grow and get the most return from the platform.

Popular Comparisons

See how ReviewTrackers stacks up vs. Yext:

“The BEST support team”

“ReviewTrackers is seriously the best local listing platform a company could ask for. Their client support team is responsive, proactive, and dedicated to meeting your needs. On several occasions, we had an urgent request that required fast action, and ReviewTrackers never failed to follow through. Overall, the platform is very user-friendly, provides excellent reporting features, and makes responding to reviews manageable.”

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